Signs You Will Get The Job After Interview


Job search is a long journey. Very often you will experience uncertainty and a worrisome feeling. The first achievement of job search is when you get invited for an interview and the last achievement is when you are offered the job. Getting the job is like your finish line, it is the end of your job search journey. But before that, how many of you are searching about signs you will get the job after the interview? Because honestly we all have been there. Where we thought the interview went well, you were trying to read the body language of the recruiter during the interview or any good sign from the interview that may indicate you will get the job. Even after the interview, there are thoughts that bother us. While we can’t be very sure and don’t want to get our hopes up for nothing, there are signs that may hint you get the job.

  • The interview session is longer than expected
  • If the hiring manager or recruiters sends you an interview invitation where they state the start and end time of the interview but your interview goes longer than that, it is a good sign that they are interested in you. They want to know more about you.

  • Hiring manager or recruiter promotes the company
  • When a hiring manager or recruiter promotes the company, it means that they are trying to entice you so you will be eager to join them. For example, they will elaborate on the work environment, their culture, employee benefits of the company and so on.

  • The recruiter nods and smiles a lot during the interview.
  • You can read the body language if they seem distant, rarely make eye contact etc those are bad signs. But if you notice a very friendly and warm behaviour, it is a good sign. It could be because they are comfortable and seem to enjoy being around you. Nodding can also suggest a genuine interest in what you're saying.

  • Interviewer or recruiter invites you for next step
  • Interviewer or recruiter will not invite you for the next step if they don’t want to hire you. Usually in the second interview you will meet someone from a higher position who will be in charge or someone you will report the job to. If that is the last interview they may discuss the salary with you.

  • Recruiters ask your expected salary
  • Companies certainly have a budget to hire new employees and if they are interested in hiring you, they want to know your salary expectation. To make sure the budget is in the same range with your expectation and are able to offer you the job.

  • You are given office tour or introduced to your potential colleagues
  • If the hiring manager introduced you to other employees towards the end of the interview, this is an encouraging sign. They wouldn’t spend time doing this if they were not interested in you. This is also their selling mode and wants you to be impressed with their company.

  • You are told what you will be doing in the role
  • The interview goes into great detail about the ins and outs of the role. So you can get the full picture of the role and what is involved in it.

  • You didn’t hear the cliche
  • When the recruiter or interviewer says we will contact you in 2 weeks. It is just their way of saying that you might be rejected. When a company really wants to hire you you will hear when or the exact day/date they will reach you.

  • Interviewer or hiring manager mentions starting date
  • Knowing a starting date during an interview is one of the very sure signs you will get the job. Or when they ask when you can start, this is a hugely positive thing to hear from any interviewer.

There are many positive signs you can take from your interview such as recruiters’ body language, duration of interview, certain questions like salary expectation and many more. Also trust your gut, if you have a good feeling about it you probably will get the job.

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