9 Social Distancing Ambassador Job Scope

9 Job Scopes of a Social Distancing Ambassador - Two years have passed since Covid-19 began and we are still far from over. We must adapt to the current conditions in order to survive. Changes in many aspects of life have been made so humans can continue living despite the pandemic situation that has changed the life trajectory. Including a new job that has never been imagined would exist before.

Social distancing ambassador is one of the new jobs that are emerging in Singapore as a response to tackle the pandemic situation that forces the world to continue living in its current status. As time goes by, the companies can’t keep their pace slow too long, they can go bankrupt if their work mobility is restrained a bit too long. 

Enforcing new regulations for people is the best option because they can keep the mobility stable or higher while also maintaining proper health protocols. This made a social distancing ambassador play an important role to cope with the current situation and also increase people productivity, especially in the workforce.

Social distancing ambassadors are people who help workers and visitors to comply with health protocols and social distancing regulation in a friendly way to enforce company policy. They work in a building and patrol around to ensure the people inside the building follow health and safety policies set by the company.

The common requirements to be a social distancing ambassador are as follows:

  • At least having diploma but it’s depending on the job advertiser
  • Fluency in English and other languages and dialects would be an advantage to assist and communicate with non-English speaking people. Few preferred languages such as Chinese, Malay, or Tamil
  • Have a good communication skills because they will have to interact with people directly

However the job scopes of social distancing ambassadors are pretty similar but can be a bit different depending on their workplace. The social distancing policies in a food service business will be different compared to airport, hospital, mall, or government offices.

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What are the job scopes of a social distancing ambassador?

Here are some common tasks that must be done as a social distancing ambassador.

1. Ensure everyone who is entering the building to wear their masks properly and at all times.

This is the first thing that they do because during a pandemic, everyone is obliged to wear masks when they are outside. So if they don’t have masks, they can’t enter the building. But a social distancing ambassador can give a solution by providing masks to give it to the people who don’t have masks so they can enter the building eventually.

2. Ensure everyone who is entering the building adheres the safe distancing measures.

The safe distance for people queueing is usually 1 meter. The reason is it’s a mandate from the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep a distance of at least one meter between people. According to WHO, it can help to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading in the small liquid droplets that people spray out when they cough, sneeze, and talk.

So it’s true that to be a social distancing ambassador, they are required to have good communication skills. This ability will help them to make the people coming into building understand quickly and easily about the social distancing regulations and making the whole business run smoother.

3. Guide the visitors or customers to sit on the unmarked seats.

Since the pandemic started, public places are limited to fewer people. In order to make people comply with the social distancing rules, the company would mark seats that can’t be used so the people can maintain their distance from one to another at all times. A social distancing ambassador will have to ask the visitors or customers to sit on the right seat in a friendly way.

4. Restrict the number of people using the lift.

As lifts usually can only accommodate a limited number of people, their task is to organize the people using the lift to be less crowded than before. For example, if the lift capacity is 10 people, the allowed capacity for now is under 10. The number usually is decided depending on the company’s policy.

5. Perform crowd control or management.

They organize large groups of people in an event, or place in this case. It involves planning and directing the manner in which the public gathers together to comply with safe distancing measurements. The effective crowd management will help to ensure the safety of people involved in these activities.

6. Generate daily reports and update the situation to the higher position such as sector team leads or social distancing enforcement officers, depending on the company’s organizational structure.

A report can be done by taking photos of the situation and reporting it to them. This task usually has schedules and it must be done on time.

7. In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, a social distancing ambassador would be stationed at assigned patient service areas.

They have to ensure that patients, visitors, and staff adhere to social distancing measures and wear their masks at all times. They also do crowd control and direct both patients and visitors to their destination.

8. In a food service business, encourage the customers to choose take-out if seating capacity is limited.

This is also part of crowd management, specified for food service business. This business is vital as food is a basic human need. While it’s impossible to accommodate all customers at once and fill the seats in the normal amount of capacity, a social distancing ambassador can recommend customers to choose take-out service and delivery service for later.

9. In airports, a social distancing ambassador has to attend to passengers’ requests or questions then redirect them to the appropriate area.

The passengers usually have questions or requests and direct it to the airport staff like a social distancing ambassador. So they need to know how to answer and handle this kind of situation well.

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In conclusion, social distancing ambassador is a new job that has been emerging since the pandemic began. Their role is needed in various companies or businesses to help increase the country’s productivity and restore economic stability by ensuring people comply with safe distancing measurement. Their role is important because if people in the building can maintain the safety and health protocols, it can help to suppress the virus from further spreading.

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