Top 3 Part Time Job Sites in Singapore, Part-Time Jobs in Singapore - Tired of opening several tabs for your job search? You are not alone in this struggle. Many job seekers apply for jobs using several job portals. Job seekers hope that “spamming” different job portals will give them a better chance of getting employed.

This reasoning seems logical. However, do all job search portals get you employed quickly? Of course not! There are some job portals that are far superior to the others. has compiled the following job portals which have the top 3 highest employment rates.

How to choose the right job portal?

Choose job portals that give you the greatest chance of getting employed.

The recommended job portals are the ones with the highest employment success and the right type of jobs for part timer job seekers.

Without further ado, let’s explore the top 3 job websites for part-time job opportunities.


Workclass webpage is the job portal you should be using right now. is a young startup that gained massive popularity from job recruiters and job seekers over the past years. The reason for our massive uptake is the reliability of the platform.

Many employers have high praises for the platform’s ability to match workers based on their requirements. Job Seekers that use the portal are pleased with the simple user interface and a large number of jobs. We are pleased to announce that 90% of our users found a job within 1 month of using our portal. We have admin, warehouse, and customer service jobs. Do check us out to get your job offers rolling!

We are on Telegram!

We are one of the first Human Resource Companies that have a telegram job channel. To make it convenient for you, we created a job channel that has exactly the same number and type of jobs as our website.

You can apply for any position easily just by clicking on the “apply” button on the channel. Job description and information available on the website are all on the telegram channel as well. Why wait? Check out our Telegram channel for the most convenient user experience.

Quick Employment Response

We make sure that our employers shortlist their applicants within 3 days. All applicants on our website will receive news about their job application result within 3 working days. If you are someone that needs to find a job quickly, please hesitate no more! Use now to get job offers quickly!

Free Resume Builder has an automated telegram bot that can help you build a resume within minutes. For those that are having problems with creating an effective resume, do use our resume builder to increase your employment chances.

2) FastJobs

Fastjobs webpage

FastJobs is ideal for students who would like to earn some quick cash during the holiday. Most of the jobs are on a short term contract basis. The shortest contract can last for a month.

Certainly, there are some jobs with a longer contract period. Generally, most contract jobs last for 3 months. Do try FastJobs if you are looking for a part-time job with a low commitment period.

Job Advertisements in Various Language

One of the perks of using FastJobs is the Chinese posted ads. For those who are more well-versed in Chinese, you can simply change the settings on the right side of the website to Chinese.

Detailed and Truthful Job Description

Not to mention, the job description is detailed and truthful. Many conflicts arise when applicants are not happy with their job scope. On many occasions, it is due to the inaccurate description in the job scope.

To avoid such problems, FastJobs has been actively removing recruiting companies that got complained by applicants. This ensures that you will not be taken advantage of by the employer.

No Experience Needed

Lastly, most part time job opportunities do not require experience. Students who are looking for jobs that do not require high level skills can use FastJobs.

FastJobs also contains a handful of full time jobs in case some of you are wondering.

However, most of the jobs are mainly focused on part time opportunities so job seekers please take note.

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3) GrabJobs

GrabJobs Webpage is another high quality job search platform. This job search website has been lauded as one of the job search platforms that boast the highest success rate.

Applicants seem to be able to find jobs easily through their highly automated search engine. For instance, they have sections like “specialisation”, “pay” and “distance” for the job seekers to filter out irrelevant jobs.

Work From Home Option

Not to mention, there is a “work from home” checkbox. Be sure to check Grabjobs out for those who love working from their cosy home.

With a variety of different job categories, you are sure to have a wide range of choices from using GrabJobs.

In Conclusion

Job search is always a hassle for all of us. However, if you choose the right job portal, your troubles can be resolved. Be sure to check out the recommended websites to achieve maximum efficiency. Good Luck with your Job Hunt!

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