The Ultimate Guide Part-Time Jobs for Students in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore - Holidays are the best time for students to earn money by doing part-time jobs in multiple industries. During this season many companies offer a number of part-time opportunities for students.

With the decline in the surge of COVID-19 cases in Singapore the government is all set to start Phase 3. New businesses shall be established and the ones which were kept close due to the pandemic are reopening. This is the perfect time for students to enter in their professional life and grab an opportunity to get some experience along with increasing their income. Students can join any company for part time work and

Part time jobs are a great way to be financially independent for the students as they don't demand long hours of work and commitment. In addition to financial independence, part-time jobs make a student realize the real worth of money. So they spend it wisely afterwards.

The part time job develop some of the basic skills in students which help them in practical life. The part time jobs also serve as portfolio building elements for the students and make them competent in the industrial world.

Although part time jobs are good for students and they tends to utilize their maximum time to get enough money yet it is important that there should be a balance between the work and study. Your primary focus should be on health and study and every thing else should come after that. If you thinks your studying or health is being disturbed then you should leave the job.

If we talk about the variety of part-time jobs, students have got many of the options. They can grasp the desired one according to their education and interest. These jobs ranges from Retail assistant, Food & Beverage, Tour guide, Administration, Events & Promotion, To Warehousing and so many more!

Depending upon their academic fields and personal interest they can opt for any kind of job. You can pursue some front line jobs such as tour guide or front desk operator, if you are pretty social and enjoy interacting with people while office work is advised for introverts though not necessarily. 

Finding a part time job is a daunting process, as it is in trend now. Every student wants to support themselves and add some extra bucks in their pocket money. So, to get a right part time job that will not only strengthen you monetarily but also help you in your professional life, demands some research. You can look for companies related to your academic field and see if they are providing internship opportunities or part-time jobs.

You can also approach to the companies by sending your resume and write a good cover letter through their hiring email or you can opt for the fastest way and just go there physically and ask the manager about the vacancy. You can carry your resume and go to every potential office where you want to work, this is indeed a fastest way to land a new job either it is part-time or full time.

In getting a job, networking also plays important role. If there are any friends, family members or relatives of yours doing job in a company, you can ask for their favor.

Certain recruiting agencies or the platforms such as Indeed, Fast Jobs SG, GGTREE etc can also help. these portals also provide you job alerts, you can subscribe for that.

In Singapore, students are not allowed to work for full-time so they can only work for part-time.

According to the regulations posed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore, a part-time worker is allowed to work only 35 hours in a week. That's too is only for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are obliged to follow this rule.

But this differs for the foreigner students. During the term time they are only allowed to work 16 hours per week, though it depends on the institutions;

Some students are not allowed to work in Singapore. All these rules and regulations depend upon the college or university they are studying. Private institutes have different rules in contrast to those of government. You can contact your institute about all these rules and regulations .

But these rules are different during holidays. In vacations the students can work for unlimited hours.

Part-time jobs are meant to provide relevant experience of the field to students along with giving them financial support. So, it is always important that you should select the job that gives you experience which will help you in getting your full time job. The pay differ according to the job type.

As a student if you get any irrelevant job, though it will help you in getting temporarily financial support, yet it will not empower your resume. So, you can consider switching your part time job whenever their is any right job opportunity for you.

 Here we are going to list some of the in-demand jobs that you can do as a part-time employee.

If you are looking for some top tier part-time jobs in Singapore to earn money, you need not to worry anymore. Here we are going to discuss the top 17 part-time jobs for students in detail with their job description.

1. Tutor Job

Being a tutor is one of the best part-time job found in Singapore.It is also one of the well paid job over here. You can join it just after passing your exams. You need to be confident and expressive for this job so that you can convey the essential concepts to your junior college students easily. You can avail this job in your campus or in any school.

If you are doing teaching, you can get paid in a variety of ranges, varying from $20/hour for matriculation students to $35/hour for intermediate students.

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2. Flyer Distribution

Another part-time job available for students is as a Flyer distributor.

You might find this job energy draining because it involves continuous standing by the malls and distributing the flyers. But this is certainly a good paying job and it gives you enough confidence to interact with strangers. If you are into marketing major, this job is going to help you in long run.

In this job, you do have to wear a smile while distributing those retailing materials and act in a decent manner. You can wear a catchy dress to make yourself prominent, so that others can approach you without any kind of difficulty.

3. Receptionist

Students can join any companies for the post of receptionist as a part-time job. This job involves some basic Microsoft skills which are well known to all of the students . They can use these skills at a comparatively bigger stage by availing this opportunity .

This position also require good communication skills. You will be expected to deal with every customer coming in your office.

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4. Waiter/ Waitress

The Food and Beverages industry always prefers students over other workers. Many of the shops also train the newcomers so that they can deal with the customers in an appropriate way. A friendly but professional temperament is required for the students who want to opt for this job.

In this job you have to serve the food to the customers. It is quite easy job though. Students can easily join this job and earn money. This job requires a professional attitude from you, and you have to look presentable. Per hour pay for this job is around $8.

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5. Bartender

It is not that much different from the waiter’s job. Students who are above 18+  can go for it. A number of people found it interesting as in the club they have to combine different drinks in specific proportions to prepare the drinks for their customers. This job requires certain experience and caution as you have to take care of the fact that how your drink will be taste like.

In this job, it is important that your customer should enjoy the drink that you prepared for him.

6. Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador is the dream of many. It is one of the highly demanded part-time jobs for students. The popularity of this job is increasing day by day. Most of the time influencers are more likely to win this job but it's the not only criteria. The brands can hire people according to their products. Like if any student is into the gym exercising and has a solid body, certain interested brands can hire him as their brand ambassador.

This job requires excellent conversation skills. Extroverts are more likely to get this job .They may ask you to attend promotional events and workshops with some other guys. You can earn about some $16/hour through this job or more than that.

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7. Sales Assistant

To help their sales manager some of the brands employ students as sales assistants. By hiring students these companies tend to strengthen their business.

This job requires a man of strong nerves.As you may have to go work on different schedules or on different places, standing over there for hundreds of minutes and interacting with customers and selling products. Needless to mention sales assistants are needed to be helpful and supportive to the customers.

This job requires time management as adaptable schedule is available for this job and you can set it accordingly.

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8. Telemarketer

In this job you have to contact potential customers by telephone. You can also work from home. It is also known as cold calling. You call to the people and offer them different products which they can buy. Many companies adopt this strategy to sell or promote their products. You can be hired for this job by a company or by a call center.

You may face impolite behavior from customers but keeping your calm is the key for this job. You have to be good at communication and marketing skills and a little thick skinned to perform this job.

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9. Food delivery staff

With the abundance of food delivery brands like Grab, Foodpanda, Uber eats and Deliveroo, students are more likely to get t he food delivery jobs . Pay scale and other allowances depend upon the amount of distance you have to cover while dispatching food stuff and your mode of transport. This job doesn't require any sort of specific timing and you can take rest whenever you want.

Foodpanda is usually pays $24/hour to a delivery person. They also provide a weekly allowance of $50/week.

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10. Event Coordinator/Helper

Event coordinators or helpers are required for specific religious or cultural events. These events can be on public holidays and may last for very few days e.g 3-7 days. In this job either you get to manage the whole event or you can just join as a helper.

Although this job is a bit tiring and you need to work for hours, but its payment can compensate for all of your hard work.

11. Tour Guide

This is the best opportunity for you if you don't want to work indoors and love exploring the beauty of nature. You can guide the tourists visiting Singapore and make their trip memorable. You do have to facilitate your customers throughout their expedition and provide them quality guided tours. Tour guides are bound to raise consciousness and awareness of visiting places among the tourists.

You can arrange and lead a tour on your own. To do this you are required to contact the travelers who are interested in it. Prior experience of being a tour guide is always beneficial.
Excellent conversational skills and knowledge about visiting places would be enough for you to do this job.

This job sharpens the leading capability of students besides being one of the highest paid part-time jobs. Students who are studying history and geography should opt for this to enhance their knowledge.

A license as a tour guide is mandatory for this job.

12. Personal Trainer

Personal trainer or fitness instructor is a bit of a technical job although students can consider it during vacation. This job requires basic exercise skills and managing abilities. Determination of clients’ fitness is the first step in this job. Second step is evaluation of clients’ exercise need. Third step involves providing them appropriate exercise schedule which is followed by amendments when needed.

Maintaining a hygienic environment and making sure the safety of the clients are the basic responsibilities in this job. This job is mostly for 18+ students. You can expect a salary of $60/hour in this job.

13. Taxi Driver

This is one of the simplest part time work for students. All you need to do is to transport people and help them out in reaching their destination. This job requires a personal taxi, a driving license and two year experience. In this job you will get a flexible schedule and you are not bound for days and weeks. So you can take rest whenever you want. In addition to it, you meet new people through this job and your social experience increases.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to get customers but you shouldn't lose hope. $30-35/hour is expected earning in this job.

14.Temporary temperature screening staff

This job comes under the newly raised opportunities. It involves examining the temperature of people that are attending an event, school or college. You need to stand out on the gate and inspect the temperature of incoming persons through a temperature sensor. People with high temperature are suspected to be sick one and shouldn't allowed to enter inside .This was a high demand job during COVID-19 surge but even after the drop in COVI-19 cases temperature screening staff has got enough opportunities.

You have to observe precautionary measures in this job e.g. maintaining 6 feet distance from the subject and wearing a face mask.

There is very little to do in this job in terms of work. But on the other hand this job is very unstable and you remain in continuous contact with suspected patients. Expected salary is $16/hour.

Find Now! Temperature Screener Jobs in Singapore

15.Traffic controller

Maintaining the traffic balance and direction is the prime duty of a traffic controller. This can be of train traffic or road vehicles. This job requires a responsible person who can also work for continuous hours. This job doesn’t require any kind of particular skill but mostly some sort of experience and knowledge of traffic rules is required.

They also have to make ways for emergency vehicles by use of hand signals and directing those vehicles to the point of accident. Chances of promotion are negligible. One can earn up to $2,000 per month. 

16. Pet Sitter

In this job you have to spend time with pets in the absence of their owners. Providing care to those pets and proper attention are responsibilities of a pet sitters. You may have to brush fur and teeth's of clients pets along with providing food and water. Giving medication to those pets whenever required also comes under the responsibilities of a pet sitter.

Any Specific type of education or training is not required but a pet sitter must have knowledge about all the basics of animal care. Prior experience of working as veterinary assistant will help you out.

In this job you can easily work from by making your home pet sitting place. So many of you will find it one of the easiest of the jobs. Pet sitter works whenever clients ask them to do so. Working on weekends is a common thing for pet sitters. $12-17/visit is the normal income of a pet sitter.

17. Newspaper Carrier

The person who carries the newspaper and distributes it among the customers is known as a newspaper carrier or paper boy. Being available early in the morning and having a reliable source of transport are basic requirements of this job. Seniors may ask you to do some extra work besides delivering the paper. These works includes collecting bills from the subscribers and making sure that newspaper stocks are properly piled at each post office.

As a newspaper carrier, you should inform your office about any significant movement in your routes such as accidents or fire.

The paper route can be a bit longer on weekends. You can save the expenditures on gas by using a motorbike instead of a car while delivering the paper. In Singapore, you can earn around $20/hour by working as a paper boy.

Wrapping Up:

So, this was our guide to part time jobs for students in Singapore. If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, then there are plenty of opportunities for you and you should not skip that. It is always better for you to step into the working world as early as possible.

Part time jobs not only empower you financially but also help you and your resume grow. Although the working scenario is different, they most of the time don't get to work, yet they can ask to their universities and colleges for part time job. If their institutes allow them they do get limited work hours. You can then do the job of every kind according to your skills and education.

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