Tips and Preparation For Online Interview


These days many companies conduct online interviews due to the current situation that could not accommodate traditional interviews. It is more efficient as we do not need to go to another place to meet the recruiter for an interview but on the other hand online interview has a downside as we rely on the technology completely. In order to give you a chance of success, we put tips and preparation for your online interview.

  • Prepare yourself
  • Just like a traditional interview you need to prepare yourself. Do quick research on the company, prepare questions for the recruiter, dress professionally and brush your hair. For women, a little makeup goes a long way.

  • Test the technology
  • Always check your internet connection, test your laptop camera, microphone and audio. Make sure everything works perfectly fine. You don’t want any unwanted errors while the interview is taking place. So prevent any mistakes.

  • Set your lighting
  • Light source must be in front of your face, not beside or behind your back. It would be great if you have a ring light but otherwise just sit in front of your windows or have a lamp in front of you.

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Close your doors, turn off your phone (unless you use it for an online interview) and if you have pets or kids, find someone to take care of them for a while so they will not interrupt or make noise. Barking dogs and crying kids are the last things you want to happen during an online interview.

  • Choose neutral background
  • A blank background is the best choice but if you don’t have it, pick the area in your house without clutter. Interviewer doesn’t want to see your mess or get distracted by what is behind your back.

  • Keep your eyes forward
  • It is not easy to keep your eyes forward for 20 mins or even more. But it is crucial that you keep eye contact with the recruiter even though they are only on the screen.

  • Listen carefully
  • Pay attention to what the recruiter says. Don’t make them repeat over and over again, it will show that you are not paying attention. For better audio you can use true wireless stereo (TWS) or earphones, not bulky headphones.

Online interviews are very efficient and effective as long as the technology has zero hiccups. Master the tools you will be using such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, laptop audio, microphone and camera. Also set up a decent place for you to do online interviews with no distractions and clutters.

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