13 [Tips] How to Work Better with Your Boss

13 Tips on How to Work Better with Your Boss - There should be many ways to improve the relationship between employees and their boss at the workplace and it can’t be limited to only 13 tips. If you are a new employee and start thinking about what you can do to build a strong relationship with your boss, you can learn from this article as a starter. If you’re an experienced employee, it’s not too late to learn about this.

Improving relationships with your coworkers is as important as with your boss. Sure you may have gone through many trials in strengthening your relationship with coworkers in order to succeed in your projects. But your boss is the key person that can make changes in your role and that’s what makes it important to build a strong relationship with your boss.

The goal that you should reach and maintain is to have a healthy relationship with your boss. In order to succeed, both of you should work for it together. If the effort is not encouraged, responded, and reciprocated well from both sides, it would be hard to actualize a strong and healthy relationship between the employee and the boss.

Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship is important in general and it applies for any kind of relationship. It matters for the relationship between employees and boss because it means the organization functions well and properly. Such a good work environment can impact the company in terms of profitability and reputation to the public not only in the short term, but also long term.

1. Same vision

Sharing the same vision as your boss should be the first tip you must know. Having the same vision in work is the basis that can help both of you to work side by side in order to achieve the expected goals. When there’s discussion that requires a decision, it can make both of you to reach agreement easier, faster, and effectively. You can expect an almost flawless path.

Both of you will not have problems arranging strategies and then implementing them immediately. Sharing the same vision can build a great dynamic that smooths the working process from start to finish. These tips can also generate a more efficient and effective result due to the agility in handling the job from the beginning until the end.

2. Maintain an open line of communication

An organization should have an effective communication system that can emphasize the importance of understanding, discussing, and reporting compliance concerns and issues. Build and maintain a relationship with your boss where feedback is openly given and received, and that’s how to maintain an open line of communication. Good communication is the key to improving your relationship with your boss and it requires effort from both sides.

There are six ways to ensure an open line of communication between you and your boss:

  • Setting an open door policy can create a culture where employees are comfortable going to their boss for questions and support. This policy should also allow and encourage employees to provide feedback. If this reciprocal relationship is maintained well, the communication system will also be great.
  • If your boss asks you for feedback, give them. If your boss hasn’t asked you for feedback, take initiative and give them feedback. Feedback is necessary to be given when the company is implementing a new program or policy. It’s also important to improve the future strategies.
  • Everyone has different preferences in terms of communication. Adapt your communication style to your boss’ preference if you already know which style would work well and can make your boss understand better.
  • There needs to be expectation in initiating communication. Once you have a communication plan, make sure your boss is aware of the expectations.
  • It’s important for employees and the boss to be able to show sensitivity to what each other is going through while validating their concerns. In this part, the sensitivity should also be followed with ensuring confidentiality as not everything should be shared with the team. Especially if it’s related to private matters.
  • Be direct in delivering bad news. They will respect your honesty and just like any other relationship, this one should also be based on trust and honesty.

3. Take initiative

Your boss likes employees who are good at their job and just simply efficient types of employees. However, they also appreciate employees who are ahead of the team and add more value to the company. If there’s any suggestion, be more proactive if you have anything that you want to express to them.

Sure it can raise your nervous tension. The idea of you coming up to your boss to talk about your idea. Before actually facing your boss, you are already thinking about what might be the worst thing that could happen. That’s when you should be more positive and confident about it. Demonstrate your enthusiasm.

4. Ensure be the right person in the right place at the right time

Momentum. This is something that doesn’t happen often but when it happens, this can be the turning point in strengthening your relationship with your boss. For example, when your boss assigns you to handle an emergency situation or do an ad-hoc task. This is pretty much the moment when you can prove how valuable you are in the company.

When you have one great momentum, ensure to also follow other tips to maintain a strong relationship with your boss. One great moment should be followed by constant effort of keeping the high standard.

5. Show your value

You are hired because you have a specific set of skills that the company believes can support their vision, goal, and target. Being obedient to what your boss asks you is one thing. Showing that you are more than that is another thing that can add your value to the company.

Talk to them about your new idea and speak up when you have a contrary idea to them. You may already know this but it’s important to notice that you do it politely. Be tactful when you’re doing it as you don’t want to come across as disrespectful to them. These tips should be followed with the next tip because both have to be carried at the same time.

6. Show your respect

It’s definitely possible to get along with your boss and remain respectful. Boundary is the key. If you already have a casual relationship with your boss to the point you can joke around with them at ease, sometimes you would ask yourself if you just crossed the boundary. By having the awareness to be respectful with your boss, you just passed the first big step.

Respecting your boss does not mean being intimidated either. The way to respect your boss is by observing their qualities and flaws. Understanding their characteristics help you in knowing the best way to communicate with them in a fluid way.

7. Your boss is human too

Treat your boss like any other human. While they can be strict about their job because they have to meet the standard professional narrative, you need to also be sensible to them. Make an effort to do nice things to them by demonstrating that you care about their wellbeing.

“How was your weekend?” or “Your outfit today make you look great” should make them feel more at ease. It can break the wall that causes them and you being stiff to one another. You can also give them snacks when you have extra.

At one point, do not force yourself to do something that you can’t. Only do it because you genuinely can do it as they will know if you seem like being forced to do it, or if you don’t seem genuine with your effort. At another point, it’s just simply important to show them that you care for them.

8. Avoid gossiping with coworkers

Having integrity for yourself is important. It includes the act of not talking negatively and joining conversations that discuss negatively about your company. Avoid gossiping and potential conflicts if your life relies on your job. Surely it’s hard to avoid them totally and that’s when your integrity needs to be proven.

If you find yourself in such a situation, be cautious and tactful. If the conversation is going to be more counterproductive or even malicious, it’s better to slowly leave the room. If you are the pacifist type of person, you can consider leaving quietly. However, if you are the assertive type of person, you can just tell them to stop by changing the subject.

Sometimes gossiping and conflict at the workplace is karma. There are good and bad karma. It’s on you to turn the situation into a good one by giving good problem solving. You can’t avoid conflict but you need to resolve it well regardless. As a bonus, if you can prove to your boss how well you deal with it, it can give them a good perception of you and add your value not only as an employee but also a person.

9. Maintain a good work ethic

It’s okay if you feel like improving your relationship with your boss is not easy. For some people, it’s tough to be a confident communicator. With this condition, the best option to work better with your boss is to work hard and show good work ethic. This is something that can’t happen overnight certainly. There needs to be a constant effort of maintaining a good work ethic.

Be focused, prepared, and consistent in performing for your job because actions speak louder than words. Do not feel belittled because you feel like you lack communication skills. When you actually do your job well, that’s much more valuable to your boss and the company.

10. Offer and ask a help

As communication is the key in improving relationships with your boss, the matter about offering and asking for help deserve a separate explanation. Oftentimes, both can be reluctant in asking and offering help. While the basic principle in solving a problem is asking for help from someone that you think can help you. So the person that you chose can assist you to get the problem solved.

11. Arrange appropriate discussion time

When you have something to discuss with your boss, it’s better to ask for their time first. Ask them whether they’re available in the defined time that you offer them first. Make sure that the agreed schedule fits for each other's schedule. It’s important to show them that you respect their schedule as well as yours.

If the schedule is finally set, use the time well. Focus on everything that you need to deliver and discuss with your boss. If you worry about losing focus, you can make a little note listing everything that you need to talk to your boss. Lastly, do not forget to tell your boss first about the topic that you want to discuss beforehand.

12. Keep them informed about your work progress

While you are working on something, occasionally keep your boss informed about the progress. Whether things are going well or not so well, you need to tell them. It’s important in order to build mutual trust and integrity.

By informing them occasionally, you don’t have to hide behind obstacles or mistakes. It’s because little problems will get solved as soon as possible before it gets bigger. Few ways you can inform them about your work progress is through email, text, phone calls, or office visits.

13. Actually do your job well

Remember to prioritize your job first rather than focusing too much on improving your relationship with your boss. Being able to complete your job without distraction and interruption is also proof that you can work well with your boss. It’s important to notice that having good conversation flow and get along with your boss is necessary, but the top priority should be your job.

If you are focusing too much on relationships but it can cause your actual job being abandoned, it means something’s wrong. That’s when you need to revisit what caused the problem and find the solution.

Hopefully this article has helped you in getting ideas to work better with your boss. Building a strong and healthy relationship with your boss is as important as with your coworkers. Not only can it make your job easier, it can make your career go places.

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