Updated Salary Guide 2021: Top 5 Highest Paid Part Time Jobs in Singapore

For those that intend to earn some quick cash, WorkClass.co has compiled the 2021 ultimate salary guide for part-time jobs. In Singapore, there is a “market rate” for salary, which is industry and position specific. For instance, most recruitment companies offer a salary range of SGD 7 to SGD 13 per hour for part-time banquet servers, SGD 8 to SGD 15 per hour for warehouse workers, and SGD 9 to SGD 18 per hour for sales assistants. Other than recruitment agencies, some service driven companies like insurance firms may also offer commissions for their employees. With that in mind, we have handpicked the top 5 best paying part-time industries and jobs that have flexible work hours and good salaries.

Here is the table with the salary breakdown of the top 5 highest paid part-time industries:

IndustryAverage Monthly SalaryE.gs of Jobs
IndustryAverage Monthly SalaryE.gs of Jobs
1) Logistics$2900Delivery Drivers
2) SalesBasic $500 - $3000 + CommisionFinancial Consultant, Sales Executive, and Business Development
3) F & B$2300Kitchen helper, Barista, Banquet Server, and Restaurant Server
4) Covid-19 Jobs$1800Temperature Screener, Social Distancing Assistant, and Vaccine Assistant
5) Admin$1200Admin Assistant, Accountant, and Admin Executive

A confident Singaporean driver delivering the packages.

1) Logistics

The Logistic industry pays quite handsomely depending on the type of vehicle you are manning. For those that can operate heavy vehicles (e.g. trucks), you can expect your salary to be at least in the high 2000s. Heavy vehicle drivers are considered professionals as it requires skills to operate big vehicles.

For delivery partners with small vehicles (Motorcycle, and PMD), you can expect your salary range to fluctuate from $1000 to $ 5000, which depends on how many deliveries made per day. Some delivery companies provide commissions which can boost your income greatly if you can make a large number of deliveries.

However, please be informed that logistic jobs are highly stressful because drivers need to be punctual for deliveries and transportation. Late delivery can result in compensation in some cases. In some cases, the employer may need you to have your own vehicle. Please double check with your employer carefully whether a vehicle is provided to you.

Hence, apply for logistic jobs if you have good time management and geographical knowledge of Singapore.

A confident salesperson selling insurance policy in Singapore.

2) Sales

The sales industry is dependent on the number and quality of your customers. Some salespeople can make a ridiculously high salary of $10000++ per month. While some only make a modest living. Ultimately, it comes down to how well you can convince people into buying your product/service. For those that believe you have a knack for persuading people, sales is definitely an industry you can venture into. Not to mention, most companies offer basic pay. For some insurance companies, the basic pay can go up to $2000 which is not a bad deal at all. If you are a university student that plans to earn extra income, being a financial consultant is definitely a viable choice.

Hence, do consider doing sales if you are a hustler that is willing to constantly source for people, or have a large number of connections. It can really bring in good money in the long run.



A smiling confident barista who is serving in a cafe.

3) F & B

One of the most lucrative industries in Singapore. Many Singaporeans are foodies who are willing to travel and splurge on nice food. This is especially true for ladies who like cafe hopping and dining out experience. The strong demand for food and beverages in Singapore lead to many employment opportunities islandwide.

The F & B industry provides different salaries based on your prior role and experience. For those that know how to cook and handle food, you are in hot demand as many restaurants are looking for experienced chefs to cook good food. The pay of a chef can go up to $8000 for those that have experience and accolades in the culinary field.

Other than being a chef, the other positions like kitchen helper and servers earn lesser. However, it can rake up good money as F & B jobs require workers that can OT frequently. For those of you that are hustlers and willing to work long hours daily, the F & B industry is definitely an industry you should explore. Employment opportunities are in abundance which is evident from the large number of job advertisements popping out daily for servers/chefs/kitchen helpers.

Hence, do look out for F & B jobs if you are looking for something that allows you to work overtime.

A girl taking temperature of another person.

4) Covid-19 Jobs

During this Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, most of you must have seen temperature screeners scattered around public places. Depending on the location, some temperature screeners could earn up to $5000 a month (the airport pays the highest - $ 30 per hour). Other related jobs are vaccination and social-distancing assistants. These jobs pay rather handsomely because it is also rather risky. For those who want quick cash and effortless work, do check the covid-19 jobs out. You can technically start the job the next day without any training.

Please do practice good hygiene and always wear your mask because it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

A confident office admin worker in Singapore typing her document.

5) Admin

The admin jobs are mainly for those that like to work in an office environment. The perks are an air-conditioned environment, where you can prevent your body from being hot and sweaty. Most of the Admin Jobs have regular work hours (e.g. 9 am to 5 pm) and can allow for more regular personal and private time.

Some admin work like an accountant pays rather okay, considering that accounting software has eased the bookkeeping process. The pay is normally around $2000 for full-time accounts. Part-time accountants earn less (around $1500).

Other jobs like admin assistants pay about $1000 to $1200, which is mainly on per hour basis.

Hence, for those that like to sit down and do some quiet work, admin jobs are definitely for you and it pays rather decently as a part-time job.

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