Top 5 Work From Home Jobs In Singapore

The Work From Home (WFM) and Home-Based Learning (HBL) arrangement have been a huge part of many Singaporeans’ lives during the past year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that are in the “non-essential” industries were asked to shut down their offices - almost 70% of Singapore’s working class (all industries except Healthcare, F&B, Transport and Banks) were required to WFH during the circuit breaker and phase 2 heightened alert period.

With the safe distancing restriction still in place, most companies will be offering WFH jobs to their new employees. As such, Singaporeans must get used to the remote work lifestyle as it will become the “new normal” in our country.

More and more companies in Singapore are offering online work from home jobs. These types of positions benefit both sides.

The employer doesn’t need to invest as much money on setting up a physical space for the employee to work at and job search will be easier. Equipment doesn’t need to be purchased, although some employers will offer an allowance for the employee to purchase tools or software needed for the job. Overall, the cost savings for employers can be significant.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the Top 5 Work From Home Jobs In Singapore.

5 Best Work From Home Jobs

Job Scope:

  • Manage Clients Appointments
  • Welcome Customers
  • Update Client Records
  • Advise Clients

Job Details

Salary Range$7/hr to $12/hr (Part-time), $1600 to $2500 (Full-time)
Working Hour9 am - 6 pm (Depends), 5 Working Day
WeblinkCustomer Service Jobs

Ideal For Moms

Customer Service can be either a part-time/ full-time job. Many stay-home-mums may opt for part-time work arrangement; salary may get pro-rated as a result of the shorter working hour. The perk is that stay-home-mummies can spend more time with their family by working part-time. It is a pretty good deal for married women with young kids.

Job Description

Besides attending short and periodic product training sessions, the job can be carried out remotely. You will be rendering support to customers via chatbots or phone calls. Some companies may require you to handle customer enquiries and complaints on their social media accounts. Other than the mentioned duties, you may be required to support the admin/accounting department depending on the requirements of your company.

A customer service specialist can expect to earn around $1600 to $2500 per month. Some companies may pay higher depending on your workload - higher salary for those that can perform admin and accountancy duties.

Job Scope:

  • Filing Documents
  • Liaising with Customers
  • Inputting Data
  • More Info

Job Details

Salary Range$7.50/hr to $12/hr (Part-time), $1400 to $2800 (Full-time)
Working Hour9 am - 6 pm (Depends), 5 Working Day
WeblinkAdmin Jobs

Repetitive Work

Ever heard of the phrase “muscle memory”? It’s a term used to describe movements/procedures that have become “automatic (second nature)” due to constant repetitions of the same task over time. Admin duties are simple without many variations. The data entry procedures are pretty much the same for all excel sheets or word documents (only some changes in the formulas and formatting). All that is required of an admin worker is to input the data into the respective cells. With sufficient practice, even a secondary school graduate can perform admin duties proficiently.

Be Careful

Do be extremely careful when inputting data. Some arithmetic or typing errors can affect the entire database of the company. When that happens, the administrative staff can expect himself/herself an earful from the boss or superior. The moral of the story: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. Check all the data carefully before keying it into the company’s database.

Ideal For Moms

Stay-Home-Mums who wants to spend time with their kids and earn some income should try applying for admin jobs. It can greatly boost your family’s income and provide for your kids.

Job Description

Administrative workers manage the database of the company. They are the ones who will organise the data and make sure all data are imputed accurately.

Administrative workers may need to do some planning duties. For example, an administrative assistant can be asked to organise company events - like sorting the boss’s timetable, planning for the company retreat, and scheduling client appointments. For smaller companies, the admin assistant may be required to liaise with vendors.

Administrative jobs cover a wide scope which is highly dependent on the recruiting company’s requirement. The company requirements are written in the “job description” section of the recruitment advertisement. Do check the job scope carefully because some admin jobs may need you to do some accounting work which may fall outside your ability.

Job Scope:

  • Cold call
  • Answer calls
  • Provide information about product’s features, prices, etc
  • Persuade the customer to buy
  • Record the customer’s personal information
  • Deal with complaints

Job Details:

Salary Range$8/hr to $12/hr (Part-time)*, $1400 to $2100 (Full-time)*
Working Hour9 am - 6 pm (Depends), 5 Working Day
WeblinkTelemarketer Jobs
* Non-Inclusive of Commissions


Many job seekers will usually confuse customer service with telemarketing roles. A telemarketer has to convince people to buy their company’s product or services. Meanwhile, a customer service staff only handle the customers’ complaints against their company. In short, telemarketers serve as a salesperson for the company and close clients.


Some companies may provide commissions for the telemarketer. The commission rate varies for different companies. For telemarketers with good sales numbers, their take-home pay can go up to $5000++ a month. Most importantly, the job is not difficult and can be done remotely.

Job Description

A Telemarketer will be provided with a script to handle different enquiries. You will have to recite the script and ensure the customer is satisfied with your answer. There are times when you will have to answer weird questions but be rest assured that those situations will be relatively rare. Other than that, the telemarketing job is quite manageable.

Telemarketers need to handle customer complaints. Most of the complaints are on the same issues. To effectively handle complaints, you will need to have a good understanding of your company’s products and services. Do be attentive when you are having product training in your department.

Job Scope:

  • Prepare Month-end and Annual Financial Statements
  • Report Financial Situations to Management
  • Coordinate with internal parties to support company finance
  • Forecast Company’s Budgeting and Spending
  • Coordinate with external auditors
  • Coordinate with tax agents and corporate secretarial agents
  • Assist in new accounting processes and system

Job Details:

Salary Range$8/hr to $20/hr (Part-time), $1700 to $2800 (Full-time)
Working Hour9 am - 6 pm (Depends), 5 Working Day
WeblinkAccountant Jobs


An accountant must have a CPA / ACCA cert or its equivalents. Without this certificate, you are not qualified to operate the accounting software.


Accountants have to be extremely careful - each debit/credit entry can have a huge effect on the financial report. Most companies only allow a small margin of error (around 2%) in their financial statements. Some big companies will not even permit any errors as 1% to 2% can mean thousands to them. Only apply for the accountant position if you have a keen eye for numbers.

Job Description

As one of the most crucial roles in a company, the accountant handles the financial statements of the company.

Different accountants have to handle different books. The easiest would be the petty cash book which only amounts to a few hundred. Other more challenging books will be debit and credit books that will have many issues since some transactions are not kept in writings. It is your job to ensure the sales team generate accurate sales receipt to prevent any errors in the financial statement.

Job Scope:

  • Study design briefs and determine requirements
  • Conceptualise visuals based on requirements
  • Prepare mock-ups and present ideas
  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
  • Use the appropriate colours and layouts for each graphic
  • Work with copywriters and creative director to produce the final design
  • Test graphics across various media

Job Details:

Salary Range$1700 to $2000 (Full-time)*
Working Hour9 am - 6 pm (Depends), 5 Working Day
*Subjected to Market Changes

High In Demand

Many companies have dabbled into Social Media Marketing in order to create brand awareness. As a result, there is an unprecedented demand for social media marketers and graphic designers in Singapore. With this in mind, those who are good at art should start taking courses on adobe suite. Who knows? You may get noticed by big companies and receive handsome pay through design.

Job Description

As mentioned, a graphic designer creates infographics and social media images for the company. The graphic designer will need to work with the social media executive to create engaging content for their customers. Other than social media artworks, a designer can also be consulted for the User Experience (UX) aspect of the company’s webpage. Generally speaking, being a designer is much more interesting than other occupations in the market. Not to mention, you will be highly valued by your company if the social media posts receive a great response from your target audience.

In addition to the work above, there are still many types of work that can be done from home. With the [passion]( you have, it can also bring you profit, for example, if you like sharing videos, then you can become a YouTuber or Video Editor. Of course the work can be done from home right?

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