Types of Interview


Many companies use a traditional interview, a one-on-one interview format where the candidate is engaged in conversation with the recruiter but also there are many types of interviews during the recruitment process with many different formats. Fret not, we will break it down for you and explain each one.

  • Traditional interview
  • This is the most common interview format where the hiring manager, recruiter, or someone from the company meets with you in their office to discuss your background (skills, experience, and education). You will sit across from each other during the interview.
  • Phone interview
  • When a recruiter from the company calls you to ask questions. Phone interviews usually last for 10-30 mins and this stage is called the screening process. If you pass this stage you will be invited to the next stage of the interview.
  • Video interview
  • Remote employers tend to conduct this interview also since pandemic more companies use video interview. Google Meet, Zoom and Skype are the most used tools for video interview. This format can be tricky because you rely on connection so make sure your connection is working perfectly.
  • Off-site interview
  • Interview takes place in a restaurant or cafe although the setting seems casual but you should act professional after all it’s still an interview. It is meant to be less stressful than a traditional interview.
  • Group interview
  • One interviewer or more who ask questions simultaneously to multiple candidates who are gathered in the same room. Companies who need to fill in several positions such as sales teams use this method.
  • On-the-spot interview
  • An applicant turns in a job application and gets interviewed right away. The other name of this interview format is walk-in job interview.
  • Panel interview
  • In panel interview, one candidate is being interviewed by multiple interviewers. This format of interview is usually conducted when a company wants to improve the hiring process efficiency, it can shorten the lengthy interview process.

No matter what the interview format is, you should always take the interview seriously. Prepare yourself for the interview and make sure you speak clearly. For video interviews dress accordingly just like you would go to a traditional interview and for off-site interviews do not spend more time on drinking or eating even if it is allowed by your recruiter, focus on the conversation.

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