WFH Jobs For Moms in Singapore

Work From Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms in Singapore - Are you a mom and searching for a part time job that you can do while staying at home in Singapore? You are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to cover some part time work from home jobs.

Some mothers have to struggle day and night in completing household chores and they don't get enough time to do a full time job. The moms can do some part-time jobs to increase their family income and they can support their family economically.

Many of the stay at home mums prefer a job that allows them to do work while staying at home. Considering the demands of work at home jobs here are a few jobs that stay at home mums can do in Singapore.

Most moms have the potential to do some amazing jobs but sometimes they themselves are not aware of it. Here we are going to provide some skills-based jobs from which you can find something beneficial for yourself. After reading this article you can research the local market and find some job openings according to your skill set. So, without further ado, let's get started with our first job.


1. Content Writer

Content writing is a job meant for educated moms that are creative and has the command over a specific language. You can do content writing in English or any other local language. This job doesn't require you to come to the office, you can do your work from home.

Just Writing content is not only part of this job. Proofreading and editing are also included in this job. For a content writer, only a laptop and internet connection is needed. Since google docs are available, you don't have to invest something in buying Microsoft office.

Most companies require certain content, they have to hire someone to write their content such as blog posts, articles, press releases, web copies, or sales copies. Content writers can approach these companies.

Although finding a work-at-home job is not that easy. But certain companies started allowing this, especially after the lock-down scenario they all realized the possibility of this form of home based job.

If you are having issues with finding a full time job, you can join any freelancing marketplace and start hunting for projects. To get freelance projects as a freelance writer in Singapore some companies like Fiverr, Uvocorp, and Upwork are the best sources for all stay at home mothers. On these platforms you will find thousands of clients looking for writers, you can write the content according to their needs and get paid in return.

The Pay for this job differs based on the content writer’s experience. For example, at the start, a content writer can charge $10-$15 per article per one-page article. With the passage of time, a content writer gains experience and can earn better.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is suitable for all the women who want to work from their own home, provided that you're good at explaining things on call. You can provide customer services from your home.

Many Singaporean companies hire their spokespersons, and before starting the work, they do provide some training to their employees. You can start your work after completing training.

A sim or a phone with a sim already inserted into the phone will be provided to you by the company. These companies will offer you flexible working hours in which you have to be active and provide customer support services to their clients.

People who can speak can speak different languages are a perfect fit for this job. Many companies are searching for people who can speak Korean or Cantonese.  The average page range is about $7-$09 per hour. 

The total earning money depends on the number of hours in which you work. These jobs need serious attention. However,  the training that will be given to you will cover all things that are beneficial for your work. You will have nothing to worried about if you did the training properly.

3. Data Entry jobs

Working as a data entry specialist is also a hot home based job in Singapore. Nowadays companies are more dependent on certain data, this data can be information about their potential clients, competitors or their own record. To save the cost, companies started to hire freelancers and home-based workers for their data entry jobs. This job demands you to have enough skill in data entry software like excel or google spreadsheets.  


Data entry employees get paid on a number of entries in spreadsheets rather than working hours. So, typing speed does matter. For this job, you need to be good at typing. If you can type quickly then you can increase your earnings. 

Alternatively, by working overtime you can increase your earnings per hour. You can make an income of $10-$15 per hour from the data entry position.

4. Graphic Design 

With a little knowledge of graphics, stay-at-home moms can earn money by using their creativity. Many companies in Singapore hire people that can design different things for them, it can be their logo, flyer, social media post, brochure, or anything like that. Graphic designers with good design skills can earn good money by working for these companies. 

There are several methods by that Graphic designers get paid, it all depends upon the project and the client. Payment depends upon either per hour or project basis. You can attract your clients by building a portfolio and showcasing your task. 

If you are finding it difficult to get a job from local companies, Just like the content writer job, you can offer this skill on any freelance marketplace. Upwork, Fiverr, and are the main platforms to search for freelance Graphic designing work.

Graphics designers can be paid $25-$35 as per hour or can be paid according to the project.

5. Social Media Marketer 

Social Media Marketer is also a high-demand job. A popular approach is managing social media accounts for small local businesses - something that can easily be done on the side while doing your household stuff. An understanding of social media and a basic understanding of the computer is required. 

Stay at home mums can do this job of social media marketer and help new business to grow. You can easily learn this skill through YouTube or Udemy.

With the right job responsibilities, you can generally fit your schedule around these responsibilities. An efficient social media manager can earn a lot more per hour if they are effective at their work. The average hourly salary for social media manager part timers is $14/hour.

6. Websites and Programming Job

Website and programming is a technical job and it is especially for those mothers who have a degree or diploma in web development and programming. This is one of high demand and most lucrative job that can be done from home.

Many companies in Singapore and globally, hire people for their website design and programming projects and this is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms who want to do that work. 

You can develop your portfolio by using freelance networks to achieve your first few jobs. This job can easily generate a handsome sum of money just by building and designing websites. The pay for this job depends upon the complexity of your work.

In this job, you can join any company on regular basis, or just like other skills you can find freelance work through any marketplace and get paid on a project basis.  

7. E-commerce

With the digital revolution, everyone is now shopping online and due to this E-commerce business is in trend now. People are now shifting their physical business to online. With a little skill set, it is easy for everyone to open their online store and sell anything that they want to do. You can set your e-commerce store on Amazon and handle that while sitting at your own home. Setting up your Amazon e-commerce store does require an initial investment.

If you don't want to establish your own store, you can do drop shipping. It is one of the most famous online stores. In drop shipping, you need not to be worried about investment or product sourcing. You can select the niche and establish your store on Shopify.

An E-commerce business can also be done through social media platforms. You can set your store on Facebook or Instagram and sell your products. In E-commerce, there are endless options. The earnings in E-commerce are not fixed, it depends upon the success of your store and the type of products that you are going to sell. 

If you have the skills about running an e-commerce business, you can also offer these skills to the people

8. Home Bakery

Cooking for a house is the main duty of staying at home mothers. If you can bake very well then you can earn a lot of money by doing this job. You will be astonished that a lot of people are ready to pay you good money for a delicious homemade cake in Singapore. Singaporeans are eager to go out to different events, and having a cake is their first priority. 

It is not necessary to bake only cake as a home bakery in Singapore. You can cook different types of flavorful goods for your customers. Homemade bakeries can list a menu where clients can order in advance and they will come to pick up the cake at a decided time when you’ll have baked it. 

Earning through this job depends upon your sale and the type of products that you sell. You can earn $20 to $90 for homemade cake depending upon the type and size of it.

9. Babysitting

You’re already an expert in taking care of your children as a stay-at-home mom. You can use this skill to earn some extra money. Many working mothers are in need of trustworthy persons who can take responsibility for their kids when they are at work.

By requesting your clients to let their kids hand over to you, you can turn babysitting into a  work-from-home job. You can start your work by asking your neighbors and then if they felt satisfied with your performance then they may recommend you to their friends

Managing so many kids at a time is obviously a difficult task but it can be very lucrative if you have good space in your house. 

Earning depends upon the number of clients that you can attract. Stay-at-home moms can earn $850-$ 1000 per month by running a babysitting service from their house. 

10. Virtual Assistant

Due to the digital revolution, many work from home jobs is created in the market. One of them is a virtual assistant. In this job, you are expected to assist a single client or a business and provide with administrative services.

Stay-at-homes moms with some computer skills can apply for the post of a virtual assistant.

Generally scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, setting travel arrangements, and managing email accounts are responsibilities of virtual assistants. Employers want to hire virtual assistants because they can be flexible in deciding exactly what they want.

Virtual assistants can earn $7-$10 in starting and it depends upon the number of clients. You can earn a lot of money after gaining a number of customers. As with experience and good reputation, many clients will be interested in hiring you as their administrative assistant.

11. Makeup Artist

If you look beautiful at every event and are very well at wearing makeup then you can help others by using your skills. You can earn money by using your skills and changing your home into a makeup studio. For this purpose,  you need a small area of your house dedicated to makeup, a chair, and a mirror.

Social media can help you to get clients and advertise your skills. Women spend a lot of money on getting ready for the event as they are conscious of their looks. There may be different types of clients like party and bridal makeup and you can choose them according to your will. 


As a makeup artist, you can earn $35-$150 depending upon the type and quality of makeup. If your reputation increases you can earn more.

12. Online Tutor

Working as an online tutor is one of the great opportunities to earn money for stay-at-home moms.

There are several platforms that hire online private tutors and connect them to students. If you have an experience in teaching then working as a tutor is more feasible.

You can also advertise around your local neighborhood and use your personal contacts to spread the word of mouth. Social media is also a great platform to advertise your skills and get some students.

An online tutor can earn $25-$ 50 per hour or depending upon the complication of the subject. 

13. Transcription

You can find work as a transcriptionist if you can type in the best way. Transcriptionists are those who transcript audio or video recordings into written documents. Several jobs are available as a transcriptionist on the different freelance marketplace online. You can check jobs for transcription on different websites like Fiverr and Upwork. 

You need to be good at your listening and typing skills if you want to succeed in this job. Moreover, to ensure that you don't do any mistakes, you also need to improve your proofreading ability. 

A transcriptionist can earn between $15-$ 50 per transcription. Payment depends upon the size of the document, if you have a large document then you can earn a lot.

14. Blogging

Blogging is another profession that you can pursue by staying at home. Many people think that blogging is a hobby and not a job. They have been mistaken. Blogging is a full-time profession and it can be done through social media platforms and website.

The best way to earn money online is blogging. This job only needs an internet connection. It does not need any requirements and can be done anywhere and that is the most attractive thing about it. It never depends whether you have a high school degree or a college degree. It depends upon your way of writing and your skills. The most important thing to starting blogging is to choose a niche, It is the key to your success.

As an experienced mom, you can select a parenting niche in which you can give parenting tips to all the other moms that are looking for a guide. This niche is certainly effective and has less competition. You can easily select this niche and start sharing your experiences and tips that others can relate to.

You can also choose your niche according to your ideas and passion. You can blog about baking if you want to blog about it and share your tips. You can blog about clothes or anything you want to. A fashion blog is also a good choice. You can also blog about your ideas on certain points. The only thing that you need to care about is stability in your work. You need to be consistent while doing this job. Though niche selection is a bit technical thing, you don't only have to select your niche according to your passion but also you have to check its competition on Goggle if you are making a website blog. If you choose to do it on social media then you can go with your passion.


Stay-at-home moms already do the full time job of doing household chores. Managing the house and caring for kids and performing all other responsibilities of the house is really a hardworking task, and we appreciate you.

But if you think that you have some spare time and you are interested in doing side jobs, then some part-time jobs are also available where you can work from home. We have provided a list of work from home jobs. We hope it will help you.


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