What are part-time jobs? The Definition of Part-Time Jobs

What are part time jobs? - You must have done one or two side hustles once in your life. The job you do as a side hustle to make some extra income is called a part-time job.

Most students in their teens do different part-time jobs to fulfill their university fees or as an additional source of pocket money.

Definition of Part time job

It is a job requiring you to work fewer hours per week according to your schedule and earn an extra income from it.

It mainly depends on the number of hours people work in a shop or any place.

The income and pay per hour depending on the job type and skill set of the part-time workers. Sometimes the employer hires on a contract basis, while most of the time, on per hourly basis.

Types of part-time jobs

There are hundreds of varieties of part-time jobs available in Singapore that you can do as a part-time employee. The nature of the job depends on your skill set and time slot. Some of the jobs are given below:

Shops and Retail

Some people like to do part-time jobs at shops, restaurants, and workshops. You don't need any degree or higher education for such positions.

Job as a waiter

You can do this job if you have a good personality and decent communication skills. If you're going to do a part-time job as a waiter, you should try to contact restaurants if they need any servers or waiters.

They will hire you on per hour or per-week basis in Singapore. Part-time employees can also get a chance to work on weekends and offer their services.

Job as a delivery boy

Most of the people in Singapore also work as delivery boys. Delivery can be of any kind, whether it is a pizza delivery or parcel delivery. The average pay per hour is decent, and employees get tips as well.

Virtual assistant

It is a great part-time role if you can spare a few hours a day for this work. Virtual assistants organize tasks, set up meetings, and arrange different kinds of documents for their employers or client.

Virtual assistant jobs can be done online, and the employee does not have to show up on location. The average pay of a virtual assistant in Singapore is $17.

Low-paying jobs

Most of the jobs in food spots, especially in restaurants and food chains, are low paying in Singapore; these jobs don't require any such qualifications.

How to get part-time jobs in Singapore?

If you want to get part-time employment, you must find a niche or category. You should find and search for a space where you want to do a part-time job. After this, try connecting with a company offering such jobs.

Amother way to find a job is by visiting online job boards. One of the most popular websites in Singapore is Jobstreet, LinkedIn, Monster, and Workable. You can send your resume and apply for the jobs that suit you. Employers will see your application and hire you according to your credibility.

In addition to this, you can also put on notifications, so you will get job alerts when part-time positions appear on that site.

Advantages of doing a part-time work

Part-time jobs have several benefits which can help an employee in different ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

Industrial exposure and experience

When you go and search the market for part-time work, you gain industrial exposure.

Along with that, it helps you in a full-time time job as well. You tend to know the market trends and find out new challenges in the industry, which can help you in the future.

Most people switch from part-time to full-time after getting experience.

Better work-life balance

Since you have to work fewer hours daily, you can do comparatively more activities at home or school.

It helps you maintain a decent work and life balance. It allows you to explore yourself. In addition, you can spend more time with your family, and go on trips and beaches more often.

Extra source of income

If you are a student, worker, or any person who wants an extra source of income, part-time employment is the way to go. People usually work on weekends as part-time workers who want to earn some extra money.

Great opportunity for teenagers and students

Most teenagers and students in Singapore work part-time to get an additional source of income. The income mainly depends on how many hours part-time employees work.

Peace of mind and mental stability

Part-time employment is comparatively less hectic and arduous than full-time jobs. Employees do not have to take much responsibility when working in such an environment.

So, workers get more time to spend with their families and have more peace of mind.

The disadvantage of Part-time work

Though there are many advantages of part-time work, everything has good and bad effects as well. Part-time work has cons as well.

There is not much growth in part-time jobs compared to full-time. In a full-time job, you can grow and establish your career at a higher level instead of just working it as a side hustle.

Part-time jobs can also be hectic and stressful; you don't get paid enough for your efforts, and along with that, most part-time jobs don't offer any job security or other allowances.

Final words

A part-time job is a great way to earn extra income. Students and many moms in Singapore are doing part-time jobs to get the ball rolling. Part-time work gives an edge to a flexible schedule, work-life balance, and extra income.

Most people like to do part-time work because they do not want to work full-time at any company. They want to do side business or study in parallel to build their career.

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