What To Bring To an Interview?

So you have confirmed your interview date and prepared your clothes for the interview. What next? Essential items you should bring to the interview. Even though you applied for the job online and you got the invitation by email it does not mean you bring nothing to the interview. It’s better to be well-prepared than encounter a bad scenario where the recruiter says “sorry, I don’t have a copy of your resume, do you bring one with you?” The wrong answer to this question is no, I don’t bring it. It would show that you are not well-prepared and give a negative impression.

  • Copies of your resume or CV
  • Bring at least 5 copies of your resume or CV. Just in case that the hiring manager, hiring manager’s boss and other team want your resume.
  • Documents and certificates
  • Bring copies of certificates you have that are related to the job, transcripts and your degree.
  • Identification
  • The company you interview for may be in a building with security and you need to show your ID card and register before entering the building.

Make the best impression for your interview. When the recruiter asks for copies of your resume, degree or anything else you have to be ready to hand them over. Being well-prepared can help you succeed in the interview. Also remember what you want to ask the recruiter.

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