What To Wear To A Job Interview?

So you finally got the job interview and one step closer to your dream job. Before you pick the best outfit for your job interview, you should research the office dress code. Also consider the industry and your role. You don’t want to be overdressed or even worse underdressed.

Wearing business casual attire to a job interview is suitable for a less formal environment. Less formal environment here is intended for a job in a restaurant, factory, warehouse and many more. This style is not as formal as a suit but still looks professional and decent.

What to wear for men:

  • cotton long sleeves or button-down shirt
  • khaki or cotton pants
  • leather belt
  • dark socks and leather shoes

What to wear for women:

  • button-down shirt with cardigan or dress
  • knee-length skirt or cotton pants
  • closed-toe shoes

Even though your future workplace will be a less formal environment, there are things you should not wear to the interview. Steer clear of:

  • sneakers
  • flip flops or open-toed shoes
  • polo shirt or shirt with graphic image
  • shorts or mini skirt
  • jeans or cargo pants
  • short dress or any low cut clothing
  • too many accessories such as bracelet, shawls, necklace etc.

A business professional attire is supposed to be worn in more formal or traditional industry such as law firms, government, finance and more. This look is more professional than business casual style.

What to wear for men:

  • long-sleeved shirt that is color coordinated with the suit
  • dark and solid color suit like black, navy and dark grey
  • tie with simple pattern or solid color
  • suit pants
  • dark socks and leather shoes
  • carry a briefcase

What to wear for women:

  • rayon or silk blouse with neutral or solid color
  • color coordinated blazer or suit
  • pencil skirt or a-line skirt
  • color coordinated trouser
  • closed-toe shoes with 3 to 5cm heels
  • carry a dark handbag

Just because you will attend an interview in a professional setting it does not mean you have to go all out, remember less is more. So here are things you better avoid:

  • heavy perfume/cologne
  • expensive jewelries other than a watch
  • flashy accessories
  • overpolished shoes

Pick your attire carefully and accurately before you attend an interview. To be neat and appropriate is more important than anything else. Don’t go heavy on perfume, your recruiter may have allergies or sensitivity to fragrance but make sure your hair is neat and you are spotless. For women, light professional makeup is very recommended.

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