Where will my hard-earned CPF money go after I die?

Where will my hard-earned CPF money go after I die?

Yes we know Singaporeans don't really know much about CPF but ever had the thought of "If I die then my CPF how?". As random as it may be, it is an important question to think about as there are certain facts to consider beforehand. Read on to find out more.

Your citizenship plays a role in determining how your death will be reported to the CPF board.

If you are a...
  1. Singaporean or Permanent Resident
    There is no need for someone to report your death to the CPF board and the relevant people will be notified to withdraw your savings if they have been nominated.
  2. Foreigner who has a CPF account
    If you are a foreigner, someone would be required to report your death either at the CPF service centre, by post or by email. In any case, specific documents would need to be provided. Such as...
    • Deceased's death certificate and current passport, which has been cancelled. Or a copy that has been endorsed with the official stamp by the Singaporean Overseas Mission
    • Letter from an authority confirming the deceased's identification number
    • Evidence of relationship with the deceased
    • The reporter's identification card or passport and contact details

A CPF nomination is a nomination to ensure that you get to decide who your CPF savings are distributed to after your death. This is important so that your savings will be given according to your will without any problems.
To find out how to apply for a CPF nomination and what it covers click here


All your savings that are in your Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA), Retirement Account (RA) and Medisave will be distributed to your nominee

Unused Annuity Premiums from CPF LIFE Plan

What are Unused Annuity Premiums?

They are funds from your Retirement Account that are used to pay for the Lifelong Income Fund to join CPF LIFE. These funds are used to enable you to have a monthly income for life. However, after death, any leftover of these funds will be distributed to your nominee.

Discounted Singtel Shares (SDS)

SDS which stands for Special Discounted Shares Scheme is a scheme which allows Singaporeans to purchase Singtel shares at a discount.

If the deceased has made a CPF nomination prior to their death, the nominee will be contacted within 15 days of the death. The nominee can then apply to have the savings withdrawn via cash or via GIRO.
However, if there is no nominee, the CPF contributions will be sent to the Public Trustee Office to be distributed according to Singapore's intestacy laws. This process can take up to 6 months.

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