Why Do Companies Post Fake Jobs?

Posted on: 2021-11-05

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In the job search, you will have seen that a company has posted a job, but it looks like that the job does not really exist. “Fake job” can mean different things to different people. These are the different problems you might have.

In this situation, the company has posted a job, but they never wanted to hire someone. There can be different reasons why a company would do that. In general, the employer might want to hire for this job in the future (but just not right now). Posting a “Fake Job” can bring the company a lot of information.

  • The company wants to see how easy it is to hire for that position. For example, it might be important to know how many suitable candidates for “Admin assistant in CBD for 2,300 SGD per month” the company would receive if they were hiring. Next time they are hiring, the company knows how many candidates they will get.
  • They just want to collect many resumes and email addresses from jobseekers. In a few months, they will maybe call you and ask you if you are still interested.
  • Sometimes, the recruiter has an internal KPI (goal) they need to reach. For example, they need to schedule 30 interviews every week otherwise they have not reached “target”. Some recruiters might then post jobs and schedule many interviews to look busy ad hard working.

You have applied to the job but during the interview, you find out that the salary is much lower, the location is far away or you have to work a lot of overtime. Many jobseekers see this as a “Fake Job”. Companies will post “Fake Jobs” like this because they know that very few jobseekers will apply when they give the correct salary information in the job post. The company posts the job with the fake salary to attract many candidates and during the interview process the company will try to convince you to accept the real salary. It is up to you to decide whether you think the salary is enough. You should be careful: companies who do not give the real salary in the job post, might cause you even more trouble after you have started working there.

You have sent your application, but the recruiter has never contacted you. It looks like as if the job never existed. There can be many reasons why you did not hear back.

  • The Recruiter has not seen your application. Sometimes, a recruiter is also posting 10 different jobs on 3 different platforms (for example workclass, fastjobs and jobstreet). The recruiter might not see your application or
  • Recruiters has received too many applications. For some jobs, the recruiter receives over 50 applications and the recruiter does not have the time to reply to everyone.
  • The recruiter has seen your application but you are not a good fit. The recruiter does not have the time to send you an email to reject you. Sometimes the recruiter also likes your profile but not for the job you applied to. They don’t want to reject you and disappoint you. They will keep quiet and call you later when they find the right job for you.
  • The position has already been filled and you have sent your application too late.

You went for an interview and the everything went well. Now, the company is silent and has not called you in 2 weeks. It is normal that companies change their mind in the very last moment when they have to sign a contract with you and pay money.

  • The company does not have the budget. The company has checked if they have the money to hire you and they realized they do not have enough money to pay you.
  • The company is facing business problems. In the Covid19, many F&B outlets had to stop hiring from one day to another because new restrictions on dining-in were introduced.
  • Someone else who already works at that company is doing the job now. For example, you have applied for a role in customer service, but the company has decided that sales workers now also have to work in customer service.

Searching for a job can be tough and some jobs are even fake. If you don’t hear back after your application, it does not always mean that your application was bad. There can be many reasons why a company might not hire for this position at the moment (such as budget issue, business problems that cause hiring freeze and other reason). As a jobseeker, you just have to keep on applying for similar jobs at new companies. Sooner or later you will hear back and land your dream job.

Written by

Sum Ting Wong

Digital Marketing Executive

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