How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Work Here?", How To Answer Why Do You Want to Work Here? - If you're living in Singapore and on a job hunt too, you're surely going to face the question "Why do you want to work here?" in a job interview.

All the hiring managers usually ask this question in job interviews to determine whether you're a good match for this position or not.

This question looks pretty straightforward. However, there's a lot into it. Giving a candid answer to this question can decrease your chances to ace the job interview. Hiring managers try to evaluate you through this question whether you're genuinely interested to get this job or not.

If you have already given multiple job interviews, you must have prepared sample answers in return to this question. However, if you lie under the category of newbie job seekers, and you don't have a prepared answer to this particular question, this article is specifically crafted for you to give a good answer.

This article will provide you with a list of comprehensive answers to this interview question "Why Do You Want to Work Here". By reading this article, you will be ready to satisfy your potential employer in this regard. But, before jumping toward the sample answers, follow these steps to better prepare yourself for this type of interview question. Here are the steps you need to follow to handle such questions.

1. Thoroughly explore the company's website

Hiring managers usually ask such interview questions to get a rough idea about how much you know about the company. This includes the company's mission, company's commitment, it's core values, and it's culture. Having prior knowledge about the above-mentioned things and other things like the company's background, its mission statement, and its history shows your genuine interest in the particular role.

Now, how to get all this information? Well, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is to visit their website. Explore the company's "homepage", "About US", and "Career" pages to get a proper insight into the company's mission and company's culture. You will get to know everything including what products they sell or what services they offer.

Moreover, you can also check their blog section if it exists. By reading blogs on their blog page, you will get to know more about their brand and their approach toward their customers.

2. Check out the company's social media accounts

It's eminent to have social media presence on multiple social media networks to increase your reach. All the companies have their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Companies usually post about company values, company culture, and work environment. They try to attract the masses through their social media posts. You need to check out their social media accounts to extract relevant information that can help you out in answering interview questions like "Why do you want to work here".

Moreover, you can also find relevant information that is related to your career goals and ambitions through these social media posts.

3. Properly read the job description

You must have read the job description while applying. But, if you called for the interview, you need to go through the job description again. You may forget the key points about the job posting. So, it's important to recheck the job description.

After rechecking the job description, you need to have a clear idea about the role you're getting. Moreover, prepare sample answers according to the mentioned details and try to answer all the related questions.

4. Align your career goals with the company's core values

The hiring managers always look to pick the best job candidates. They try to figure out whether the candidate's values align with the organization's culture and work environment or not. Hiring managers get to know about this through the question "Why do you want to work here".

You need to understand your core values first, and then you have to check whether they align with the company values or not. Try asking yourself the below-mentioned queries to understand your own values.

  • What are your career goals?

  • Does this job align with your career objectives?

  • What kind of work ethic do you prefer personally or in an organization?

  • Where do you see yourself in future?

  • Will this job acquisition help you in achieving your dreams?

5. Express your career objectives in front of a hiring manager

Before appearing in the interview, you can create a list of all the essential elements of the job that align with your career objectives. Once you have a list of those points, try to add as much as you can from it in return for a question like "Why do you want to work here". This practice will surely create a positive impression in front of hiring managers.

6. Craft customized answers for this question in every job interview

If you're planning to create a single answer to this particular question "Why do you want to work here" for every job interview, and you think it will work, you're deluding yourself.

Every organization or company is different. You will experience different hiring processes in almost every second company in a job interview. Going to different companies and uttering a similar response will be of no use.

You need to craft a customized and compelling answer in return for this particular interview question. Otherwise, a generic response will not provide you an edge over other candidates.

These were the essential steps that you can follow to answer "Why do you want to work here" in a job interview. Now, here are some of the best example answers to this interview question.

1. Acknowledge the company's collaborative teamwork

I always believe in a collaborative teamwork effort. The job I applied for requires a team effort, mutual collaboration, and human connection. I have noticed all of these characteristics in your employees through various resources. And, I firmly believe that I can play my part and become a valued contributor to this company.

Impact of this answer

This answer to the question "Why do you want to work here" will create an immediate impact on the hiring manager. He will surely consider you a team player and would love to have you on board.

2. Express your challenging nature that is necessary for this Position

I checked this job advertisement and found this position quite challenging. I am a person who always looks for a new challenge in life. Getting this job and doing good in this position is nothing less than a challenge for me. I am quite confident to do justice with this particular job role.

Impact of this answer

This answer to the question "Why do you want to work here" will showcase your challenging nature. Companies prefer employees with agile nature who have the adaptability to pursue new challenges. Many employers and hiring managers acknowledge this challenging mindset. This answer is also considered one of the best answers to this particular interview question.

3. Talk about their Community involvement

I have read about your company through various resources. I highly appreciate the way your company helps in the betterment of the community. You have a good track record of serving the community in multiple ways. Working for the betterment of the community along with fulfilling my professional responsibilities is part of my own career goals. I am sure that I can achieve both of these things here in your company.

Impact of this answer

This answer in response to "Why do you want to work here" will showcase your determination and willingness to serve the company from multiple perspectives. A hiring manager will acknowledge your thoughts and will regard them as a personal connection from your side towards the company.

4. Recognize the reputation of the company

I have always seen your company among the top-rated ones. All the amazing employee testimonials are strong evidence of how you educate, train, and help your employees to grow in their respective careers. I am consistently impressed with the effort you put in this regard. I want to work here because I think the reputation you have made over the years will help me grow further in my career.

Impact of this answer

A hiring manager will acknowledge this type of answer in return for the "Why do you want to work here" question. They put a lot of effort into putting their company in the top tier. An acknowledgement from your side is a pleasant gesture that can increase your chances of getting a job offer.

5. Talk about the CEO's vision

I read about the innovative vision of your new CEO while exploring your website. I am an innovative person who wants to work at a place where they give due respect to innovative and disruptive technologies and try to indulge them in the ecosystem.

This answer will bring your innovative mindset in front of the hiring manager. Every organization wants to hire people who bring innovation to its system.

These were some of the most common responses you can give when questioned: "Why do you want to work here". Apart from that, you can also craft your answer according to the requirements. The important thing is to be sure and confident about what you reply.

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