Why You Should Get a Forklift Licence in Singapore?

Why You Should Get a Forklift Licence in Singapore - There are jobs that require a forklift licence. Mainly if one of the tasks is to operate a forklift. There's a forklift driver or operator, obviously. Then there are warehouse workers, logistics tech, stock receiver, and material handler. Those are common jobs whose task is operating a forklift.

The main reason forklift licence is required in Singapore is because forklift is a heavy-duty vehicle. It takes someone who actually can operate the vehicle well, properly, and safely to move large loads. Several applications of forklift can be found in warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities.

Furthermore, below is the answer on reasons to get a forklift licence in Singapore:

  1. Every forklift driver or operator vacancy in Singapore state forklift licence as the first requirement. Most of the jobs in warehouses, construction sites, and manufactures also require forklift licence. Especially if one of their tasks is to operate a forklift.
  2. Each day, there are new job vacancies open for forklift driver positions in Singapore. If you have a forklift licence, you have the chance to apply for many vacancies at the same time. By sending applications to many vacancies at once, you’re likely to receive a response from one of those applications quite fast. Compared to sending the same application to different places one by one. As long as you have completed other requirements of course. 
  3. To increase the chance you get hired as a forklift driver. Since a forklift licence is obligatory for forklift drivers in Singapore, it’s important to obtain it. Your potential employer will surely consider your forklift licence.
  4. To obtain a forklift licence, you will need to go through a training process. The training courses will give you necessary skills and knowledge for safe and efficient forklift operation.
  5. When you finally obtain the forklift licence, it means you are approved to operate forklift professionally. You are considered to have enough skills and knowledge about operating a forklift properly. This will lead you to have good performance in your field.
  6. Not only can you drive a forklift, you also know how to avoid potential hazards that can result in accidents and cause injuries or fatalities.
  7. You know how to maintain the forklift vehicle to always function well over the time.

After learning about reasons to get a forklift licence in Singapore, your next question will be how to obtain a forklift licence in Singapore.

There are several options to obtain a forklift licence in Singapore. Below are some of the organisations to get a forklift licence that meet Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) “Operate Forklift” Competency Standard.


The aim of this organisation is to educate the trainee in four essential aspects. There are operating and inspecting forklift, preparing forklift before driving it, and reinstatement as well as handing over of forklift. This course focuses more on theory and practical training.

The course duration varies from 1 to 5 days. The cost also varies between $160.50 and $620.60.


This organisation separates theory and practical training into two different courses to make the learning process more convenient to the trainees. The trainees receive both theory and practical courses about Workplace Safety and Health Act, forklift introduction, daily safety checks, forklift capability, limitations and stability issues, cargo symbols and instructions, operation basics and traffic management.

The course duration is between 1 and 4 days. The cost is between $160.50 and 497.55 depending on the course that you choose.


Other than forklift courses for intermediate and advanced forklift users, this organisation provides various aviation-based courses, safety, construction and WSQ-based courses.

The course duration is between 1 and 4 days. The cost is between $149.80 and $567.10.


You may be familiar with Toyota and Komatsu. Two reputable brands that provide industrial equipment in Singapore. UMW Equipment is an authorised distributor of both.

The topics taught in this organisation such as operational safety checks, understanding forklift capabilities, basic lift truck operations and manoeuvring, pallet and rack stacking. Those topics are suitable if you also plan to work for logistics and warehouse.

The duration is between 3 and 4 days. The cost is between $406.60 and $620.60.


There are four main topics taught by this organisation. Including to prepare the trainees learning about how to carry out a forklift operation. Then inspecting a forklift before operations, forklift operations itself, and finally the maintenance procedures.

If you have a Class 3 driving licence, your course would be 3 or 4 days. The price for that program is $342.40. However the price range between $203.40 and $572.45


If you don’t have a driving licence, you will be required to attend 1-day theory lesson and 3-day practical session. So, if you intend to apply for a forklift course but you don’t have a driving licence, you can consider this organisation. The cost range is between $321.00 and $535.00.


The topics given by this organisation are similar to other organisations. The objective is also relatively the same. With 1 day for theory and 2 days for practical course, the cost will be $449.40.

To make you understand better about forklift licence, there are seven common forklifts you need to know. It should give you an idea on what you should and would you drive if you are going to be a forklift driver.

1. Electric motor rider trucks

If the air quality and fuel fumes are the concern, this type of forklift is the right one. Usually used for indoor and smooth floors. Tend to be quieter as they are powered by electric batteries.

2. Electric motor narrow aisle trucks

Just like the name, this forklift is made for narrow aisles.

3. Electric motor hand or hand rider trucks

This forklift is suitable to move the loads in short distances with only lifting the loads a few inches off the ground.

4. Internal combustion engine trucks with cushion tires

If the operation requires limited space for recharging station and limited time, this type of forklift is suitable.

5. Internal combustion engine trucks with pneumatic tires

The lifting capacity for this forklift is bigger and it ranges from 3,000 to 55,000 lbs.

6. Electric and internal combustion engine tractors

Also known as tractors and tuggers to tow. This tow tractor can also be used indoor and outdoor.

7. Rough terrain forklift trucks

This forklift can be identified by the massive tires and equipped with a telescoping mast. There needs special training for someone to operate this complex vehicle. The lifting capacity is between 6,000 and 12,000 lbs and rarely used for material handling applications.

Finally, those are reasons you should get a forklift licence in Singapore. Every forklift driver must have a forklift licence in Singapore. While you may still be unsure about where to start since there are many types of forklift as well, you can start by visiting the organisation’s website that provides forklift licence and course. 

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