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Management Trainee (Operations)

$2500 to $3500 (Monthly)

WANTED: Management Trainee (Operations)!

Hi Job-seeker,

If you’re on the look-out for a job that’s a mix of Customer Service, Administration AND Management…

Then invest ONE minute to read this post as THIS may just be what YOU are looking for…

Have you ever wondered what it is like working in a Tuition Centre?

At AGrader, we do things just a little differently.

There’s no corporate-style politics nonsense and no old-fashion hierarchy.

As a Management Trainee (Operations), you will:

  • Manage and be responsible for the daily operations of the tuition centre

  • Ensure proper documentation and timely processing of applications and other processes

  • Liaise with HQ, parents and teachers with regards to students and centre matters

  • Manage your staff to help you achieve the centre’s goals & smoothness of operations

  • Learn face-to-face communication skills as part of good customer service

  • Learn, manage and execute your assigned business sub-role well

There are “Pros” and “Cons” to everything, so we’ll start with the bad stuff first:

· You’ll need to work on at least ONE weekend due to the nature of the job scope

· Responsibility is a MUST in this job – you need to be accountable, responsible and see through the job areas and tasks that you’re given.

The “Pros” - Here’s What’s in It For You:

· You will get to manage a small team of your own and hone much valued people-skills

· NO micromanagement and a fair amount of autonomy – NO breathing down your neck or worse, standing behind you to “nit-pick” on your work

· A Happy, Positive & Cheerful environment, because life is hard enough as it is - we don't need more stress at work (seriously)

· Being able to deal directly with kids, who are the most innocent & bubbly humans in society (who're not looking to deal you any harm when you're not looking!)

· Seated most, if not ALL the time (who likes standing?)

· FULLY air-conditioned environment that is CLEAN and NOT dusty and NOT hot (actually sometimes it might be too cold, so bring a jacket)...

· You will be working with mostly pen, paper & laptops, learning the INs and OUTs of customer service & operations management, improving the experiences of our clients, and “levelling up” in your personal experience in dealing with people.

· Endless learning opportunities – having a wide scale of operations, we are able to satisfy your ambitions & learning needs

However, as good as it may seems… we are not looking for everybody...

In fact, not many people can qualify…

--- We are NOT looking for people ---

1) Who are irresponsible and expect to come and read storybooks or play with your phone the whole day at work

2) Who are not people-oriented. This is a job where you interact mostly with people in the form of students, parents, teachers & colleagues.

3) Who are only willing/comfortable to put in a part-time commitment

--- This will ONLY be suitable for people who are ---

  • Diploma Holder or University Graduate in any Discipline

  • Passionate about developing a career in the Education Industry

  • Adventurous, driven with entrepreneurial spirit; a creative problem solver with an open mind

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Equally motivated by working independently as well as collaborating in a team

If you are reading all the way to this point, then this post might interest you...

If so, you might ask, what should I do next if I'm keen?

Click on the "Apply Now" button right below, send us your resume & details so at least we know who you are, and we will be in touch with you within 5 working days.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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