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Arc-en-ciel Patisserie

Careers at Arc-en-ciel Patisserie

We are an upcoming dessert restaurant that specialises in artisanal French and Japanese-inspired pastries. 

Every one of our bakes and cakes has a story to tell. They are mostly inspired by our head pastry chef’s cake adventures overseas and her personal life experiences. 

Our travels to cake kingdoms abroad have taught us that the best flavours are when they are in season. That’s when you get the best, the richest and the most bombardistic explosion of flavours in your mouth. That’s why sometimes we switch up our menu because we only want the best taste in our customers’ bellies. 

Our brand story 

The sight of a rainbow brings instant smiles. And that’s what we at Arc-en-ciel (pronounced as “ar-kon-see-ell”, means rainbow in French) hope for you too. Indulge in our sweets that will bring big happy smiles on your faces. Because that’s why we do what we do, and hope to bring more smiles in your lives through us. 

Our motto 

Big happy smiles on your faces with a brightness in your eyes. That’s what inspires us to do the things we love - sweets with a whimsical touch that’s both amazing to look at and taste. 

Arc-en-ciel Patisserie