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Established in 1992 as Blue K General Contractor and Incorporated in 2002 to become B K Civil & Construction Pte Ltd, B K Civil is in the Civil & Construction Industry with over 2 decades of expertise's and experiences serving many reputable organizations like Singapore General Hospital, Government Investment Corporation, Suntec City, Capitaland Malls, City Development Limited and many other Corporations and MNCs.

Our Business model is that of a Civil & Construction Specialist capable of providing a comprehensive and extensive range of works & services ranging from Civil Construction & drainage works to all aspects Building repair and Retrofitting works as well as Term contracts.

The Viability and Sustainability of our business model is proven by the fact that B K Civil had weathered many Economic Crisis including the 1997 Asian Crisis, 2001 Sep 11 Crisis, 2003 SAR Crisis, 2005 Economic recession, 2008/2009 Lehman Brothers World Crisis & even the recentCovid 19 Pandemic. After every Crisis, B K Civil managed to emerge stronger and more resilient, testifying to its sound business model and Entrepreneurship.

In fact, its Managing Director, Mr. Lee Yeow Koon had been awarded the Successful Entrepreneur Award for steering B K Civil through the Crisis and sustaining the business against all odds.

The Flexibility and Adaptability of B K Civil business model lies in its capability in providing an extensive range of quality building works from PU grouting & waterproofing, Alteration and Addition, Road Drainage, Building term contract to Building repair and retrofitting works. It has the ability to change and adapt in accordance to the change of demand in the market ... e.g. If there is a slow down in Civil Constructions & Drainage works, B K Civil can easily diverse and channel its resources and capability to Building repair and retrofitting works.

b k civil & construction pte ltd