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Senior Coordinator (Architectural)

$4000 to $6000 (Monthly)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Liaise with Consultants and Authorities on all Architectural matters.

  • Review of shop drawing / Materials / MOS/etc.

  • Take lead in VDC for Arch. Related matters.

  • Review of contract documents and scope of works.

  • Monitor and coordinate of overall Arch. site works to meet project schedule and within cost.

  • Establish QC Plan with Quality and Service Dept.

  • Monthly Tracking and Monitoring of Actual Material usage against computed quantities.

  • Carry out drawing review and coordination among various disciplines such as civil structural and building services drawings.

  • Take lead in tiles/walls setting out plan.

  • Monitoring of VO and back charges.

  • Work with BIM team to get the model ready for construction.

  • Cross check BIM model with contract drawings.

  • Take lead in sub-con meetings and technical meetings for Arch. related matters

  • Prepare check list for RI(Arch) and TOP

  • Attend to archi materials, sample board, trade demo and shop drawings submission and submittal reviews comment from consultants

  • Assisting in review of archi vendors selections in compliance to specs.

  • Take lead in As-built drawings and O&M.

  • Handing over to owners/ town council/ authorities / MA/ etc.

  • Assessment of sub-cons claims / progress claims.

  • Ensure work activities are carried out in safe working environment.

  • Other adhoc duties as assigned by the Immediate Supervisor/ Management.

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma/ Degree in Civil or a related discipline recognized by the PE Board.

  • Relevant qualification of certificates in structural and architectural discipline (eg: NCCS, BCSS, Safety or Lifting).

  • Minimum 15 years of relevant experience

  • Able to lead the sub-contractors to ensure smooth progress of works, high quality standards and minimal defects.

  • Preferably completed QM project and registered as Coretrade foremen.

  • Independent, diligent and highly motivated with excellent team spirit.

  • Good knowledge of archi specs and BCA quality requirements.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and knowledge of BIM.

  • Willing to travel around project site offices within Singapore.

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M&E Coordinator

$3000 to $5000 (Monthly)

Job Responsibilities:

· Prepare M&E Master Construction Schedule, CSD and structural penetration for approval

· Manage M&E subcontractors work progress, shop drawings, materials, samples, method statements submissions and approval

· Review M&E design drawings and advise on any under provisions and over provisions

· Identify discrepancies between M&E, structural, ID, architectural and client provisions

· Secretary to M&E technical meeting

· Work with structural engineer and architect staff to resolve discrepancies

· Raise RFI/ CVI with consultants and clients

· Advise PM on monthly work progress of sub-contractors

· Supervise M&E Supervisor on all aspects of M&E works

· Compute variation orders for QS to settle with client/ consultant

· Organize M&E items to be handed over to clients and compile items for submission to authorities

· Close monitoring of M&E site progress

· To ensure site works are carried out according to daily/ weekly site coordination schedule

· To conduct pre-inspection with sub-contractors prior to facilitation RE/RTO inspection

· Schedule of planning for delivery & storage of M&E related materials/ equipment based on the installation schedule

Job Requirements:

· Degree/Diploma in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering/ Building Service with 3 to 5 years of experience.

· Specialist Diploma in M&E Coordination will be an advantage.

· Willing to work flexible and long hours as and when required

· Good interpersonal skills, firm and diligent

· Able to work independently with minimum supervision and work well in a team

· Able to work night shift if needed

a year ago
Senior QAQC Engineer

$4000 to $6000 (Monthly)

Job Description

  • To lead the QAQC team of the assigned project(s). The team would comprise of Supervisors and QAQC workers.

  • The over-all in-charge of all matters pertaining to BCA CONQUAS and QM of the assigned project(s). The works would consist of planning, coordinating, monitoring, and analysing, and these would be done collaboratively with the Project Management team.

  • To plan, conduct, and monitor the project(s)’ in-process quality inspections.

  • To prepare, issue, and monitor the closing of quality inspection reports.

  • To ensure proper record keeping of all QA/QC documents (i.e. inspections records, reports, authority documents etc.)

  • To attend weekly project progress meetings to highlight quality issues.

  • To collaborate with the project team to identify, rectify, and monitor the quality performance of subcontractors.

  • To conduct in-house training and briefing to project personnel and subcontractors on topics pertaining to the quality of works and the relevant authority requirements.

  • Co-chair the monthly QAQC section meeting under the guidance of the Manager (QAQC).

  • To develop and maintain good working relations with both internal and external customers (i.e. Client, Consultants, Authority, Homeowners, Colleagues etc.).

  • To assist the lead internal quality auditor during the periodic audits at other project sites.

  • To prepare, issue, and monitor the internal quality audit reports.

  • To perform the role of an assisting auditor for the internal ISO audit. Assist the Manager (QAQC) during annual ISO audits.

  • To assist the Manager (QAQC) on corporate duties (i.e. ISO matters, project tender etc.).

  • To submit annual corporate awards.

  • To perform the duties of the Manager (QAQC), in his / her absence.

  • Any other duties as specified by the reporting Supervisor.

  • Dual reporting to Project Manager and Manager (QAQC).

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Degree in Civil Engineering.

  • Diploma holders with relevant experience will also be considered.

  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience including ISO requirements and BCA CONQUAS/ QM requirements.

a year ago
Mechanic cum Facility Supervisor

$2000 to $3200 (Monthly)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and maintenance of company-owned plants and machinery

  • Ensure quality workmanship and optimum time required for repair and inspection.

  • Ensure repair work in accordance with manufacture guidelines.

  • Troubleshoot and repair faulty construction plants and equipment

  • To carry out routine maintenance work

  • Execute preventive and corrective maintenance programs for construction plants and equipment.

  • Document all repair and maintenance work

  • Assist in the Repair and Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery and Facilities Operation of Toolbox

  • Receiving and issuing of plants, machinery, and equipment in consistent with the records of the transaction.

  • Performing general warehouse duties such as stock taking and updating of inventory

  • Allocation of lorry crane upon receipt of Lorry Crane Requisition form from project sites

  • Oversee the organizing, packaging, and storing of equipment as planned by OM (Toolbox)

  • To assist the OM (Toolbox) to oversee the operation, repair and maintenance works

  • To assist the OM (Toolbox) to oversee the performance of workers

  • Promote and institute quality, safety, and health measures established in the Control Plans to his workers

  • Assist the OM (Toolbox) on the operations of Facilities Management

  • Perform other related duties as assigned by immediate superior

Job Requirements:

  • Mechanical Trained with Electrical qaulification as a plus point, NITEC or ITE Cert.

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