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Careers at DCCP Marketing


Intellectual Curiosity: We are curious, and we have a hunger to consistently learn. We are very open to ideas and innovation.

Authenticity: We treasure the concept of intrinsic motivation. We encourage genuine conversations and constructive debates.

Resilient: We are a team of hard-working individuals that strive to get the job done in the best possible manner. We are committed to high quality work.

Reflective: Personal Growth is about being aware of one's strength and weaknesses. We are obsessed about improving ourselves.

Adaptable: Being in a fast-paced environment requires flexibility and being agile to changes that would bring impact. 

Fun Loving: We are very serious about work and our goals, but beneath our professional exterior, we are really a bunch of people who love to have fun.


Lead Generation

• Acquire new clients & maintain existing customers

• Perform lead generation and canvassing to acquire new accounts.

Sales Presentation

• Prepare quotations and arranging sales presentations.

• Maintain and achieve customer satisfaction in pursuit of business targets

• Share sales-related or market information internally & externally

• Develop content for sales presentations or other materials.

Customer Management

• Maintain and achieve customer satisfaction in pursuit of business targets

• Create win-win solutions for clients, establishing long-term partnerships


You're hungry for success. You have an entrepreneur mindset. You collaborate with your team, and compete with yourself. You're willing to raise your hand when you need extra support, and are more than happy to provide support to your fellow teammates.

DCCP Marketing