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Hi! We are a local market research company and currently is looking to expand their survey panel (a group of people who is willing to participate in different surveys)!

We would like to invite you to join our panel and be one of our panel members!

After you join the survey panel, you will be invited to participate in their upcoming surveys that allow you to earn retail vouchers.

To sign up, simply fill in the Sign Up form below and one of their staffs will contact you! Thank you!

Sign Up form:

Please feel free to send to your friends and family too so that they can also participate in our future surveys and earn the vouchers too!

We also have Referral Programme for our panel member thus you will need to sign up to be our member before you can be included in this referral programme! Please refer to the details below:

1. For every 10 successful referrals you make, you will receive a $10 retail voucher!

2. A successful referral is one where your friend or family member completes the online sign up form and go through a 2 mins acknowledgement form over the phone with us. This is to ensure that the referral contact sent to us is reachable!

3. Most importantly! When filling up the sign up form, your friend or family member need to select to the following:

- Q18 - Are you being referred by one of our panel member - Key as 'Yes'

- Q19 - Key in your mobile number accurately

This is to ensure that we know that they are referred by you. If they did not key in your mobile number accurately, the referral will be forfeited as we will not be able to track.

If you have any queries, please email to

Thank you!

Degree Census Consultancy