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Gourmet Food Holdings

Careers at Gourmet Food Holdings

Gourmet Food Holdings is an investment firm focusing on opportunities in the international food and beverage industry.

Our partners are industry specialists with proven track records and decades of hands-on experience in the F&B industry. With deep knowledge across the value chain, we help early-stage businesses streamline operations, scale and achieve international expansion.

Our Value Proposition

  • We tap into the first mover-advantage, and offer competitive valuation
  • We believe in the importance of F&B intellectual property, and will harness its potential to help businesses scale
  • We have solid connections into the F&B industry worldwide, making it possible for market entrances
  • We facilitate market entrances, cross-border networking, learning and technology transfer through our solid connections into the global F&B network
  • We are experienced F&B leaders and investors, and have the relevant know-how to drive things forward

Our Investment Approach

We combine a top-down and bottoms-up approach to help our business partners achieve

Gourmet Food Holdings