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Hi, we're HeroTech! We have a mission to inspire and empower real-life heroes. We are looking for a fulfilment officer to handle the process of selling WEB-12 functional thread shooters. Check us out here:

The job is extremely flexible, work-from-home, and you can choose your hours as you please. We provide all tools and materials to fulfil the orders. We pay $10 per WEB-12 order made. It takes about 1 hour to fulfil one WEB-12 order. Most time is spent assembling/building the WEB-12 functional thread shooter.

Roles and responsibilities:
1. Reply to all messages on Etsy
2. Check Etsy for order details
3. Receive parts and materials from CEO
4. Build order
5. Conduct quality control check
6. Prepare order for shipping
7. Ship order (EasyShip platform)
8. Update inventory

If you're interested do message us with your Name, Age, and why you want to work for HeroTech. If you have a resume that would be appreciated as well.


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