Careers at Honbo

Honbo was born out of the idea of capturing the magic of old school Americana burger. We do a simple cheeseburger and we do it well. We make real food with real ingredients made by real cooks. It’s just so happen our food is in between two slices of bread. We put as much care and planning into our food as any other restaurants : this is not a fast food place! 

We opened in 2017 our first restaurant before Shake Shack and Five guys came into town. For the first year when we started, I remember we had only two staff and myself; a girl in front doing waitress, and a cook to help me back in the kitchen. If you have been to Honbo on Sun st during the first year, I probably have cooked for you. 

Back in the days, we were the only craft burger place in town. Business was slow for the first year, and I didn’t really know if the concept could work. We kept our head down and kept doing what we do: making good burgers and making improvements to the recipe along the way. 6 years later and here we are, now Honbo is one the biggest burger restaurant group in Hong Kong and we have outlets all across Asia.