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Learning Journey Education Hub Pte Ltd

Careers at Learning Journey Education Hub Pte Ltd

Learning Journey is best known for our effective composition writing & English paper two techniques, comprehensive child-centric curriculum & dedicated teachers. We believe that learning is a journey that never ends.

Our vision is to support our students in their learning journey by providing a quality curriculum and best teaching practices to help them succeed in life.

Since 2011, we strive to be that pillar of support for our students in their quest for excellence in learning. By providing students with a nurturing environment and an excellent curriculum, we are committed to nurture a generation of competent and successful learners who embrace learning with a growth mind set.


Our Teaching Philosophy 

Recognising that every child is unique, Learning Journey believes in nurturing competent learners to learn at a pace that suits each individual. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, think on their feet and as a result, learn effectively under the guidance of our team of dedicated teachers. 

Every week, students and their parents discover that our classes are “different” from the other classes that they have attended.

We believe that each child has different learning needs and by having a small class size (1 teacher to 6-8 students), it enables our teachers to customise their teaching approaches and lessons for each child, so that they get the MOST out of each lesson.  Students who need help get a chance to catch up, while high ability learners are able to maximise their potential.

Learning Journey Education Hub Pte Ltd