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Melot Technologies

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Melot Technologies was founded in 2012 and since then has become one of the top companies across China for online streaming technologies and related intellectual properties. The company had its beginnings in Hangzhou and to this day maintains its head office there, however, since then, it has spread out to have branches in Beijing, Hong Kong, Ruijin and Los Angeles, with business operations covering Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and various other key regions.

Our mission is: “Video Life and Beautiful Connections. We work nonstop to bring about innovations in the entertainment, e-commerce, social, finance, medical and tourism verticals. We are a one-stop provider for video streaming solutions all across the industry, bringing cutting-edge technological solutions to the industry.

The core value driver of our live-streaming technological solutions are our live video entertainment platforms. Our flagship products are KK Live and KOLive. We also offer mobile applications in the live audio streaming vertical and soon will expand to even more uncharted territory in the mobile live-streaming entertainment industry.

With our “technological innovation, industry-minded, business-oriented strategy leading us, Melot Technologies maintains and bears out its “upright, innovative, results-oriented and win-win” value system. We proactively glide with government requirements, smoothly follow and develop with industry trends, take seriously our social responsibility and do all we can to advance our organization and its part in a harmonious social media service environment. We are well on our way of achieving our vision of being home to the world’s leading interactive video-audio platforms.

Melot Technologies