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Careers at Owell Bodycare Pte Ltd

OWELL is established in 2000 with the single-minded desire to ignite people's passion to take charge of their own health. Many of us only start searching for a health solution after we become unwell.

At OWELL, we aim to change the passive mindset of people. We encourage this by introducing healthcare equipment that is easy to use and portable. The equipment can be used anytime at home, at work or during travel. innovative yet effective, the equipment is designed by harnessing the best of the eastern healthcare therapies and western technology. Inside our store, our knowledgeable store personnel will diagnose your condition using our proprietary health tools, and enrich and enlighten you with how our recommended healthcare equipment can improve your condition.


Putting health into your hands, OWELL empowers you to live healthily and enjoy life to the fullest now.

Owell Bodycare Pte Ltd

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