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Careers at Saltine Communications

At Saltine Communications, we secure affordable media features and press interviews for startups and SMEs, be it on newspapers, online publications, magazines, television or radio.

We are a millennial start-up in every stereotypical sense, from flexible working arrangements to caffeine-fuelled brainstorming. Solution-centric, fast execution and results-driven - we love an entrepreneurial streak and absolutely require the hustling mentality in our team members. 

Everyone gets a say in our team culture – we want you to be involved in creating a family that you love being around and an environment conducive to your being. As a rule of thumb, be kind and inclusive to everyone. 

Nobody wants to be stuck doing the same ol’ things and getting the same ol’ pay for long. We like hungry people, so we will fuel your personal growth and success constantly with a clear progression plan coupled with achievable targets for you to keep moving forward. We want to know your dreams and goals, so we can help you along your journey towards them.

Do your job fantastically– that’s all we need from you. You can work remotely, work from home, and come hang out with us in the office for free flow coffee anytime, because we pride ourselves on results over rules.  One size definitely doesn’t fit all and success isn’t achieved only from 9 am to 5 pm. Apart from internal meetings, you are free to work from anywhere.

Saltine Communications