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About SERVIER.......

Servier is an international and independent French pharmaceutical company governed by a non -profit foundation, with headquarters in Suresnes, France.  Since opening our first laboratory in 1954, we have been committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs with the help of healthcare professionals.  We strive to provide future generations with a world where qulaity healthcare is available and accessible to all.

Operating in 149 countries, we have 22,000 collaborators employed worldwide and a turnover of 4.176 billion euros in 2018.  Entirely independent, we are able to reinvest 25% of our total revenue (excluding generics) into Research and Development and all profits are used for further development.

Corporate growth at Servier is driven by our continuous pursuit of innovation in five areas of excellence : cardiovascular and immune-inflammatory diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer and diabetes.  We are a leading force in cardiology - No. 2 in Europe, No. 8 worldwide - and oncology has become a top priority in recent years; we also manufacture high-quality generic drugs.

Our three research centres are continuosly involved in creating, testing and developing new medicinal products, which are manufactured and packaged in our 16 production centres around the world.  We have an active partnership policy in the field of biotechnology and we are investing in e-health through our internal WeHealth  by Servier initiative.

All our employees are driven by shared values and guided by a common vision.  Together, we share the passion of entrepresneurship and we are committed to theraeuti progress to serve patient needs.



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$6000 to $7000 (Monthly)


Working closely with business representatives, project managers, and IT teams, the Service Manager:

- Executes the service contracts under his/her responsibility.

- Accompanies and evaluates the consultants under his/her scope.

- Defines indicators and guarantees the agreed service levels to his clients.

The Service manager is the first-line point of contact and guarantees the provision of the agreed services.


Guarantee the respect of the defined costs, deadlines and quality levels. He/She successfully ensures the provision of IT services across his/her area of responsibility, for which he/she must:

o Develop and maintain the capacity management of the services under his/her responsibility (IT support, network, applications).

o Standardize the information systems processes within his/her area of responsibility, with the help of the members of the global, regional and local teams.

o Supervise the performance and the longevity of the services within his/her area of responsibility.

o Set out the costs, deadlines and quality of service needs, and methods for assessing the outcome.

Manages the contractual relationship with the providers (external or not) responsible for the technical operations/services.

o Formalizes the requirements to be considered with the IS teams.

o Prepares the service contract with the global, regional and local teams.

o Participates and engages in the development of contracting services with the providers.

o Orders and prioritizes supplier activities.

o Ensures compliance with the defined service levels and proactively makes proposals for actions needed to achieve them.

o Ensures that consideration is given to events likely to impact the service contract throughout its lifecycle.

o Prepares continuous improvement plans and formulates action plans.

o Defines the services delivered in the business area in question and the SLAs associated

Maintains the knowledge and the functional expertise of the local partners.

o Creates and maintains the documentations for the services under his/her responsibility.

o Trains the teams and organizes Workshops.

Develops and coordinates communications and good relations with all internal (Business teams, Project Managers, Technical experts etc.) and external partners (Technicians, Service centers developers, support teams etc.).

Defines indicators and regularly reports to the internal teams.

o Analyses recurrent incidents and escalate it to the global and regional teams.

o Analyses the providers’ activities to measure performance and IT quality and make recommendation for improvement.

o Prepares and presents the reporting (or other deliverable) to the stakeholders.

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