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SIX Telekurs (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Careers at SIX Telekurs (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Connecting Market Participants Around the World

SIX operates the infrastructure for the financial centers in Switzerland and Spain, thus ensuring the flow of information and money between financial market players. SIX offers exchange services, financial information and banking services with the aim of increasing efficiency, quality and innovative capacity along the entire value chain. SIX is also building a digital infrastructure for the new millennium.

SIX connects financial market participants in Switzerland, Spain and throughout the world. The company is owned by around 120 national and international financial institutions. They are the main users of our services and our most important customers. Our close relationship with them guarantees stability of the financial infrastructure and processes, proximity to clients’ evolving business needs and competitive prices.

SIX Telekurs (Singapore) Pte Ltd