Suu Balm

Careers at Suu Balm

Suu Balm began when Dr. Tey Hong Liang, founder of the Itch Clinic at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, saw that existing creams were not doing enough to (1) relieve itch fast and (2) effectively moisturise the skin. With this in mind, Dr. Tey combined the natural itch relieving and cooling power of menthol with a high concentration of a ceramide based moisturiser to create the original Suu Balm. 

In 2015, alongside the pharmaceutical expertise of Dr. John O’Shea and Jason Humphries from Good Pharma Dermatology, Suu Balm was brought to the rest of the world. Uncompromising in their delivery of only the highest performing and carefully chosen ingredients, Suu Balm prioritises meeting the needs of customers over profit. 

Research data shows that over 90% of original Suu Balm cream users experienced relief from their itch within five minutes of application, and over 90% of Suu Balm wash users love its moisturising and gentle cooling effect. Today, Suu Balm product range includes face and body creams, cleansers, sprays and even a special line dedicated to childrens’ care, with more innovative and environmentally responsible products in the pipeline.

Suu Balm