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Waved Beverages Pte. Ltd.

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Waved Beverages

Rooted in Nature, Optimised by Science.

We're a Beverage-Tech startup based in Singapore.

We produce and sell the world's first tech-optimised cold-pressed juices with more nutrients per calorie, so that you can consume less calories for more benefits.

Our juices don’t just supercharge your fruit and vegetable intake with every bottle you drink.

Through our patented technology, our juices contain:

  • More nutrients and healthy plant compounds
  • More cell-protecting antioxidants
  • More immune-boosting metabolic energy
  • Longer shelf-lives
  • No chemicals, artificial additives, preservatives, added sugar or water

With every bottle of Waved Beverages, you truly consume less calories for more benefits.

Waved Beverages Pte. Ltd.