How To Write The Best Job Posts?

Posted on: 2021-07-23

WorkClass has analysed over 20,000 job posts for the past year and has identified ALL aspects that can make your job post stand out.

A good job post does not need to be fancy - it should be kept simple while addressing the job seeker’s main concerns.

What are job seekers looking for in a job post?

WorkClass has identified the 5 essential elements of the BEST job post.

How To Write A Good Job Post?

5 Essential Elements Of The BEST job posts:

Job Title is the first thing that catches the eye of a job seeker. A survey done by WorkClass’s has shown 8 in 10 job seekers prefer short and easy to read job titles, preferably showing some of the key benefits of the job like “Admin Assistant - $3000 Basic With Extra Incentives”.

Use clear and straightforward job titles like:

Good Job Title Customer Service Assistant
Good Job Title Admin Assistant | 3,000 per month | Immediate Start | No Experience
Bad Job Title Work With Friends | Sat Only | OT | Warehouse | Flexible Contract | Nice Location
Bad Job Title Part-time Jobs available

As evident from the table, job titles like “Customer Service Assistant” and “Admin Assistant | 3,000 per month | Immediate Start | No Experience” are precise and attractive - Job seekers understand the meaning of the job title and the benefits of working under the employer.

On the other hand, “Work With Friends | Sat Only | OT | Warehouse | Flexible Contract | Nice Location” is an extremely vague job title that is frequently associated with scams and click baits. Many job seekers will shun such job posts because there is simply insufficient information about the job. Employers should try to be more specific about the role that they plan to hire.

The main point is to write job titles that are short, relevant and comprehensive.

1.1) Start Immediately

Most job seekers are seeking jobs that allow them to start immediately. Companies should state “START IMMEDIATELY” in the job title to attract a large number of applicants.

Companies that are hiring later (nearing the time when the staff is leaving) should clearly state the job’s start date to prevent any confusion.

Salary is one of the most important factors to attract any job seeker. Interviews with WorkClass’s job seekers have shown that they will always expect to draw the lower limit of the specified salary range.

For example, job seekers believe they will get SGD 1,800 if the specified salary range is between SGD 1,800 to SGD 2,500. Jobs that offer a higher salary will get a larger number of applicants - On average, jobs with a salary of SGD 1,250 to SGD 1,700 receive 5 applicants less than jobs with a range of SGD 2,000 to SGD 2,500.

Employers who are uncomfortable about sharing the salary of the job should at least put a salary range to make their job ad more attractive.

Unsure about the salary industry standard for your job? Check out WorkClass’s salary analyser for more information.

The location of the job plays a big part in attracting job seekers. A survey done by WorkClass has shown that 7 in 10 job seekers want a job near their home.

Further interviews have shown that job seekers are unwilling to travel more than 45 minutes for work - the part-timers are especially particular about the location of their workplace, as some are working a few part-time jobs at the same time.

By providing the exact address, companies can expect to receive applicants who live nearby and are, therefore, easier to recall if there is a need for overtime.

The best advice?

Companies should be direct in their requirements and expectations - list down all the qualifications and skill sets expected from the job seeker.

Research by WorkClass has shown that employers who highlight the 5 - 6 most important aspects of the job get the most applicants. A further survey on the job seekers has revealed that job adverts with more than 6 list items may seem daunting. Job adverts with less than 2 list items may come off as sloppy and not entice potential candidates to apply.

Besides listing down the job scope, the hiring manager can include some attractive benefits of the job - a short 1 or 2 liner(s) about the position. For example, hiring managers can include benefits like: “High Commission Rate” or “Attractive Bonuses/Incentives” to sell the job.

Do note that the ideal length of the job description is from 140 to 260 words. Anything above or below the advised range will not be well-received.

4.1) Ideal Contract Period

Jobs with a contract period of 6 months receive a higher number of applicants. Most job seekers wish to have a stable job for a long time. The minimal contract period they looked for is at least 6 months. Anything less than 6 months may come across as unstable.

4.2) Working Hours

Jobs that have 6 - 8 working hours receive the most number of applications - anything more than 8 working hours can seem tiring, and anything less than 6 working hours may not provide enough income.

WorkClass’s statistics have shown that jobs with a 5 day work week are well-received by job seekers.

In short, jobs that follow the conventional 8 am to 5 pm, 5 working days, attract most applicants.

Therefore, it is advisable to post jobs with 6 - 8 working hours and 5 day work week.

4.3) Experience Level

Jobs that require 2 years of experience or less receive the most number of applications. WorkClass’s job seekers have commented that jobs that require more than 2 years of experience may appear to be over-demanding - note that sample size is largely composed of blue-collar workers who may not possess specialised skill sets.

For employers who are looking for experienced workers, they should adjust the salary to attract more qualified candidates.

Besides having excellent content and structure in the job advertisement, it is important to post job adverts at the RIGHT time. Research done by WorkClass has shown that jobs posted from 8 am to 8 pm receive the most applicants - job seekers are generally more active during the specified time.

Job adverts are also more well-received on certain days - Jobseekers are more active on Tuesday and Thursday. Employer stands a significantly higher chance to recruit the right candidate on the specified peak period.

Examples Of Some Good Job Advertisements

Need more help? Or are you simply curious about what kind of job posts attract the most candidates? Head over to WorkClass's Job Analyser to see how the HOTTEST job descriptions look like.

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