Job Portal Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Job Post, Featured Job Post, Bump, and Candidate Search


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Job Portal Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Job Post, Featured Job Post, Bump, and Candidate Search

Most job portals develop their unique functions to stand out from their competitors. As a result, many employers are confused with the various functions and terminologies across different job boards.

However, job portals are all very similar in terms of their general function. Here are the 4 basic services offered by most job portals:

When creating a job post, most job portals require their employers to fill in these mandatory fields:

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Salary Offered
  • Job Description

Once the required information has been entered, job portals will list the job post on their website.

The important thing is to note that the most RECENT job post appears at the top of the website.

Older job posts will quickly be “pushed back” by newer ads.


How can you make your job advertisement appear at the top again?

You will need featured job posts or bump/boosts to bring your job post back at the top.

Featured job posts are promoted job ads.

These job posts get “bumped” several times top the top of the job list over a few days - job seekers have a higher chance of viewing the featured job posts. In other words, Bumping will be put to the very top of the job post list again.


The “bumping” process is done automatically which will save you a great deal of time.

To maximise visibility, some job portals will post the featured job posts on their social media platforms.

Employers who like to maintain control over the timing and date of the “boost” should try the “bump” function.

The manual version of “featured job post”.

Employers are given full control over which job posts get “bumped”.

Once pressed, the “bumped” job posts get pushed to the top of the “job posts” list immediately.


Employers who need help in choosing the right time for bumps should read the blog post “How To Write The Best Job Post”.

Employers are given full access to the resumes in the job portal’s database.

Employers can search for candidates based on their specified criteria.


For instance, when they type “warehouse assistant”, the website will show all the available warehouse assistants’ in the database.

Employers can also filter candidates based on “experience level”, “educational level” and “location” - be reminded that different job portals offer different filter criteria.

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