Where To Advertise Temp And Part-Time Jobs In Singapore?


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Many companies receive insufficient and incompatible candidates despite spending a fortune on job advertisements.

So what has gone wrong in their recruitment process?

Employers need to understand that different job portal specialises in different employment types (full-time, part-time, contract, ad-hoc, etc). Posting on the right job board increases the quantity and quality of their candidates tremendously.

In short, RIGHT job portal = RIGHT candidates.

We will cover the best job boards to post temporary and part-time jobs in Singapore.

Here are the 8 best platforms to advertise your job:

8 Best Part-Time/Temporary Job Posting Platforms In Singapore

Contact Information:

Address 128 Prinsep St, Singapore 188655
Email hello@workclass.co
Contact no. +65 8712 6867

Target Audience

WorkClass.co is a blue-collar job portal that has a large pool of non-executive jobs - from Logistics, Delivery, Production, Customer Service, Retail to Sales Roles. In addition, there are over 20,000 students who are looking for part-time/ ad-hoc jobs.

Companies that are seeking part-timers should try WorkClass.co as they have an assortment of young to experienced part-time workers.

Special Features

Fast Hire

WorkClass’s slogan is “GET A JOB IN 24 HOURS” - Employers can connect with job seekers immediately after being matched.

Simple Account Registration

Employer Registration - 2 Pages ONLY

Creating an account should take less than 2 minutes and you will be able to post your job right away. WorkClass will take 10 minutes to verify your first job posting. All future job posts will be automatically approved.

High-Quality Candidates

Candidates go through 3 rounds of screening before reaching the employer.

Step 1: WorkClass.co verifies the identity of every user through a phone interview. They will check their name, age, and previous work experience to ensure that they are genuine job seekers.

Step 2: Screening Questions

Step 2: Employers can specify the job vertical, employment type, and screening questions which the job seeker has to answer. Candidates who fulfil the criteria will be shown to the employer.

Step 3: WorkClass does a final round of filtering and disqualifies irrelevant/undesirable candidates. Specifically, WorkClass uses an advanced matching algorithm to remove the following candidates:

  • Reside in other countries
  • Have been reported by other users

Affordable Packages

WorkClass has several VALUE bundles for startups/SME(s). Create an account and contact their account managers for more information about the prices.

Connect With Them:

Contact Information

Address 1000 Toa Payoh N, Singapore 318994
Email customercare@fastjobs.sg
Contact no. +65 6983 9830

Target Audience

Most of the users on Fastjobs are non-executive job seekers - student part-timers and middle-aged blue-collar workers.

They have another portal called “SilverJobs” that is meant for senior citizens. Employers that are seeking senior applicants can try the above-mentioned section.

Special Features

Live Chat

Source: Fastjobs

FastJobs allow users to chat with employers directly.

Simply tap on the chat icon on the app and candidates get to chat with employers. Companies can use this live chat function to know their candidates beforehand.

Chinese Job Ads

The Chinese job post section is extremely beneficial for middle-aged/senior-aged Singaporeans who are Chinese-educated.

Some jobs require employees who can speak Chinese. For example, Chinese eatery shops that need workers who can speak mandarin. As such, the Chinese ads section can be a good place to source for mandarin-speaking candidates.

Connect With Them

Contact Information

Address 10 Anson Road, #27-15, Singapore 079903
Email cs@grabjobs.co

Target Audience

Most of their users are non-executive job seekers.

Grabjobs focuses more on the F&B and pink-collar industry.

Special Features

Candidate Screening/Interview Chatbot

Interview Chatbot

GrabJobs Interview Chatbot is a robot built to communicate with candidates via messaging.

Interview Scheduler

GrabJobs Interview Scheduler makes it easy to invite candidates for the interviews. Interviews can be scheduled face-to-face, over the phone or on video.

Connect With Them

Contact Information

Email sky@snatchjobs.sg
Contact no. +65 9187 6958

Target Audience

Most of Snatchjobs’ users are local students who are looking for part-time jobs.

Besides students, many middle-aged part-time/temporary workers are also using Snatchjobs.

Special Features

Telegram Channel

Telegram Channel

Snatchjobs has a telegram channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. Companies that are seeking younger or tech-savvy middle-aged workers should try Snatchjobs.

Social Media Advertisements

Snatchjobs has a strong social media presence on Instagram and Facebook - they will create job advertisements on their social media pages for their clients.

Connect With Them

Contact Information

Address #01-04, 75 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139953
Email sales@findjobs.com.sg
Contact no. +65 6904 9612

Target Audience

Findjobs’ main users are senior citizens who are seeking part-time/temporary jobs.

Special Features

Multi-Language Mobile App

The mobile app is available in 4 different languages - Mandarin (Chinese), English, Tamil, and Bahasa Melayu.

Employers who are seeking candidates with specific language skills can benefit from the multi-language app.

Government Agencies

Findjobs has connections with several government agencies (e2i, skillsfutureSG, People’s Association and Ministry of Social and Family Development).

Connect With Them

Contact Information

Address 10 Anson Road, #05-20, International Plaza, S079903
Email ads-sg@jobstreet.com
Contact no. +65 6538 0060

Target Audience

JobStreet is used by many job seekers in Singapore. They do not have a specific target segment.

Special Features

Large No. Of Users

JobStreet is mainly used by white-collar workers. Companies can post both white-collar and blue-collar job advertisements on the portal. However, their prices may be a little expensive for some small businesses. Try cheaper job boards like WorkClass, Fastjobs or Grabjobs if you want a cost-effective and efficient employment service.

Connect With Them

Contact Information

Unfortunately, Gumtree Singapore does not disclose their address and contact information. Potential customers can only reach their customer service by sending a request assistance ticket.

Target Audience

Gumtree has a large database of users who are seeking part-time and temporary jobs.

Special Features

Free Posting

Employers can post a free job ad on their board. However, their sponsored ads can yield better results for employers who are hiring urgently.

Gumtree does not have an advanced screening system for candidates - the quality of the candidates can be subpar compared to other job portals. Employers should explore other job boards if they prioritise the quality of their candidates.

Phone Number Reveal

Phone no.

Gumtree allows employers to include their phone number in the job advertisements. Job Seekers who love to have a quick chat with the employer can click on the “show phone number” hyperlink. The employer’s full phone number will be revealed and job seekers can contact the employer immediately.

Connect With Them

Facebook is an ESSENTIAL social media marketing tool for modern businesses.

With Facebook/Instagram advertisements, businesses can expect to see a drastic improvement in their market outreach. Business owners can also employ workers via Facebook Groups and Job Advertisements.

Special Features

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups to post job advertisements. Some of the notable groups are Part/Full-Time Jobs in Singapore , Part-Time Jobs in Singapore, Full/Part Time Jobs Singapore, TEMP/FULL-TIME & PART-TIME JOBS IN SG, SG Hiring Full Time Part Time Jobs, etc. Simply input your company name, industry, salary and requirements, and receive applications through phone or email immediately for FREE.

One drawback of posting in FB groups is the inability to filter candidates. Naturally, companies have to spend time rejecting unsuitable candidates. The employment process can be extremely time-consuming. The best solution is to seek help from job portals, as they are professional platforms that can help to screen and filter candidates. Check out the WorkClass if you want a cost-effective and efficient hiring portal.

Job Advertisements

FB Job Ads

Employers can create job posts on their company's FB page.

To create a job post:

  1. Go to your Page.
  2. Below Create Post at the top of your Page's timeline, click Job.
  3. Upload a photo, enter a job title, thoroughly describe the position and add other details to your post (example: location of your company, job salary). You can also click + Add Question if you want to ask applicants more questions.
  4. Click Post.

To see all job applications that have been submitted, click companies can click the “Manage Jobs” icon at the top of their page or check your email if you chose to receive applications by email.

Need More Help?

Still unsure of the best job portal for your company? Check out our Best Job Portals blog to check the top job boards’ prices, candidates, and response time.

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