Preschool Sports Teacher (IMMEDIATE START)

$15 - 800mon.

Tiny Mountains

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park, Singapore

123+ applicants

a month ago


Tiny Mountains is hiring!

We're looking for passionate early childhood educators who love movement, music, and storytelling! We're a very special type of preschool sports education and once you join us you'll find out why :)

We want to offer you a job beyond the four walls of the classroom. A job where you aren't bogged down by endless paperwork and documentation, stressful conversations and expectations, and an unforgiving and unsympathetic leadership.

We want to offer you the opportunity to step into the world of Tiny Mountains and spread a bit of magic in the lives of children.

We want to offer you the opportunity to be a catalyst of growth in a child's life. To directly enrich the life of a child, is one of the most precious privileges we can think of.

You'll learn to tell stories. You'll learn to sing songs. You'll learn to have fun with children and bring them on marvelous adventures that they'll be reliving over and over again. And in the midst of all these, you will be saving these children from one of the most prevalent ills of our modern society - excessive screen time, idleness, and inactivity.

We're looking for a special someone who has the following qualities:

-Prior early childhood experience and/or qualification

-Sporting experience/background

-Able to play the ukulele and sing

Should you possess any other relevant skills/qualification which may benefit Tiny Mountains, please let us know as well! Your talents/skills matter:)

Roles and responsibilities :

Conducting a Tiny Mountains session with a class of up to 15 children

Curriculum planning and development

Conducting assessments

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