AV Technician

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1. Provision of Photography and Videography Services

  • Creation of video montages and photo collages for college events and for teaching & learning purposes.
  • Assisting in taking photographs and recording videos for college events, and ah-hoc activities such as JC1 photo-taking, staff photo-taking etc.

2. Public Address (PA) Systems

  • Train the AV CCA students to take charge of the Public Address System equipment/service during assembly and school events;
  • Maintain PA systems in school – monitor, troubleshoot, provide maintenance and escalate unresolved problems to relevant vendors; coordinate with vendors on site where installation and repair works are required.

3. Audio-Visual Resources

  • Manage AV equipment during all major school events.
  • Handle all AV set-up requests for school events – ensure requests made by staff and external parties (pre-approved by P/VPs/HOD ICT/ICT Manager) are met.
  • Maintain inventory and loan records of AV and PA-related equipment.
  • Provide consultation to HOD ICT and ICT Manager on the AV needs of the school and work with vendors to propose solutions that meet the PA / AVA needs of the school in terms of technical specifications and market pricing.
  • Assist in the purchase of AV equipment and services based on school’s needs (through bulk tenders, calling tenders and quotations), bearing in mind the Compliance Guidelines for school on Procurement.
  • Provide assistance in the condemnation of AV Resources.
  • Manage AV equipment in classrooms and all other special rooms and monitor the equipment usage and maintenance on a termly basis.

4. Broadcast System

  • Maintain and provide updates for school TV broadcast system, including maintenance of the system.

B) ICT Duties

1. ICT Management – Plans, Systems and Applications

  • To assist ICT Manager for asset management for the college’s ICT equipment such as SSOE and non-SSOE laptops, tablets, printers etc.
  • To assist in ensuring proper documentation for loan of ICT equipment by staff and students, and manage loss/damage to ICT equipment.
  • To assist in the roll-out of all ICT equipment such as seat refresh for staff, issuing of laptops for students etc.

2. ICT Security

  • To support and work with HOD ICT and ICT Manager to ensure compliant to security requirements from MOE ITD for the ICT systems.
  • To assist to supervise and work with desktop engineers to ensure that the SSOE laptops in the college are patched with the latest security updates.
  • To assist to work with NCS Pte Ltd and desktop engineers in the maintenance of the server room and LAN rooms in the college.

3. ICT Support and Services

  • To assist in support for school events and activities. Eg. CNY Concert, Farewell Assembly, College Day, staff contact time, weekly assemblies for students etc.
  • To assist in supporting Computing Department and MTL Department in supervising the DEs in the preparation of laptops for e-examinations.
  • To assist in the support required by the Project Work Department in the end-of-year A-level PW Oral Presentation Examination.
  • To assist in supervising DEs to provide technical support and advice to staff and students. Eg. Laptop issues, resetting of passwords etc.

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