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Local Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Job Description:

To be responsible for the machines and furnaces that apply heat treatments for products hardening, quenching, tempering and make it ready for production. To monitor the heat treatment cycle and ensure the products hardness or properties meet the manufacturer's specifications. 


1. Coordinate Heat Treatment schedule with Production Planning personnel daily.

2. Monitor all furnaces temperature and peripheral equipment in the Heat Treatment Department for daily operation.

3. Ensure all Heat Treatment personnel are following predetermined loading and handling instructions, furnaces temperature monitoring and setup.

4. Plan for heat chamber overhauling and servicing together with Machine Maintenance.

5. Support Q.C in thermocouple Installation and Calibration.

6. Study and setup temperature controller and recorder for each type of heat treat processes.

7. Handling of non-conformity re-heat, power failure, hardness reject, machine trouble parts.

8. Handling of parts arrangement, temperature control recording and equipment checking. 

9. Assure all loads are stacked properly and carefully to prevent furnace transfer damage.

10. Work with the Quality Department to evaluate the result output from all shifts to determine the daily heat treatment result.

11. Work with the Quality department to evaluate the performance of furnaces and peripheral equipment to meet process variable requirements (ensure calibration) daily.

12. Perform hardness result by Statistical Process Control (SPC).

13. Perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and determine effective corrective actions to reduce or eliminate the cost of poor quality.

14. To identify areas of improvements and recommend corrective actions for quality, productivity, efficiency and cost reduction.

15. To provide technical support for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

16. To review and recommend change of Department Procedures for products quality, work environment and safety aspects. (E.g. IATF-16949, ISO-14001 and Safety Management System, etc.).

17. Involve machines and equipment shifting as and when required.

18. Maintain and arrange an appropriate stock level of toolings and production materials to meet the production requirements.

19. Training and coaching of subordinates.

20. To do filing of all records and reports, handling of processing documents.

21. Ensure good daily housekeeping.

22. To plan the efficient utilization of own work time to carry out the above listed duties of the designation and other where applicable, as well as any other specific instructions or assignments given by superior from time to time, in respect of matters related.

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