Ice Cream Chef

$1 800 - 3 000mon.


Eunos Crescent, Eunos MRT Station (EW7), Singapore

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  1. Prepare and cook raw ingredients to make different gelato flavors
  2. Measure and weigh raw ingredients as per gelato recipe
  3. Mixes and freezes ingredients to make frozen desserts, for example, sorbetto, gelato, and custards
  4. Pours mixed ingredients into freezing machine reservoir, and starts machine to churn and freeze ingredients.
  5. Removes frozen gelato mixture from the machine.
  6. Arrange and store gelato in the freezer according to FIFO guidelines.
  7. Mixes and cooks sauces and syrups for use with gelato.
  8. Prepare and bake sweet pastry from scratch according to recipe.
  9. Able to carry out efficient stock management and inventory control.
  10. Liaise with suppliers for the stock supply and cost management.
  11. Develop new gelato flavors and recipe testing.
  12. Develop new accompanying sweet pastry for gelato pairing.
  13. Required to load and carry gelato tubs. During busy production period, multiple tubs will need to be carried to the freezer.
  14. Required to load and unload sacks of raw ingredients of at least 25kg each.
  15. Required to load and carry 10 liters of liquid mixture tubs, each weighing 8kg or more.
  16. Assist with service as needed.

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