Orchard Road, Singapore

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a month ago


Job: 22/23

Salary: $70 per person ( 2 hires).

Students are welcome to apply.

The age group of promoters: 18 - 21

Working hour: no limit as long as the objective is hit.




1) They will be given a sample of the bag to let customers feel/ touch and see our product


2) To approach targeted audiences (20-35) and introduce them to the product, getting them to be a follower of our Instagram + Facebook


3) Each person to hit a min of 80 followers. Promoter required to record the Instagram /Facebook username as a record


4) Brochure will be given as well.


5) In event that the objective is not hit, promoters will not be paid.


Payment: payment will only be given upon completion of work. Estimated of 2days for us to reconcile and tally

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