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$2700 to $3500 (Monthly)

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Job Overview

Customer service focused professional with a passion for leading operations to deliver excellent customer experiences and positive team outcomes. The Assistant Restaurant Manager (ARM) is the custodian of the restaurant in an operational second-in-charge function to the Restaurant Manager.

The ARM is expected to manage through the team and whilst they will understand how all the tasks involved necessary to achieve these outcomes, they are expected to sufficiently delegate and coordinate the completion of these tasks throughout the team based on the individuals’ strengths.

The ARM is expected to be the bridge between three stakeholders: senior management, junior team members and customers.

The ARM must seek to understand and balance the perspectives, and pressures, of all stakeholders, whilst displaying the confidence to advocate to either stakeholder on behalf of the another.

The ARM must display the following:

  • Can-do attitude

  • Confidence to articulate themselves respectfully to their audience

  • Ability to give and receive feedback, regularly

  • Ability to lead by example

  • Ability to multitask and learn skills normally outside of the immediate tasks

  • Ability to work under pressure while remaining calm and focused

  • Ability to be an arbiter for quality control

  • Ability to lead with high standards of personal integrity and professionalism

  • Leads with common sense for the greater good of the organisation

The responsibilities of the ARM are varied and encompass the following four areas of business impact:

1) Operational Excellence

Sufficient planning is conducted to ensure restaurant has all the materials and tools it needs to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

2) People Excellence

Ensures the outlet team are disciplined, well-trained, highly functional team with a positive team culture that radiates to customers. The ARM does this by communicating direction (the “where we are going”), the “why”, building alignment, and instilling commitment in their team. The ARM regularly gives and receives feedback from their team and seniors and is a role model for their team.

3) Customer Excellence

The customer receives consistently excellent experience, every time in alignment with our hospitality SOPs.

4) Business Excellence

Company resources are used frugally and recipes are consistently delivered. Identifies opportunities to make cost savings that will not result in erosion of customer experience.

Leadership Competencies: Know, Listen > Speak, Lead

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