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$4000 to $5400 (Monthly)

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a) Be responsible for the connection with business finance and Singapore sharing service positions.

b) Run the group accounting compliance inspection report to ensure that the accounting results meet the relevant regulatory requirements.

1. Accounting

Monitor the accounts receivable, the accounts of the goods issued, and supervise the operation and finance to follow up and clean up.

2. Compliance

a) Review the compliance system and compliance of documents related to common expenses, long-term deferred expenses, and asset purchases according to company standards;

b) Perform business financial verification, be responsible for the output of differences and track the handling of operating financial differences.

3. Bookkeeping

a) Check that the general ledger and subsidiary ledger are consistent.

b) Responsible for formulating annual subject clean-up plans and clean up regularly and irregularly.

c) Review the accuracy of the funds, receivables, income and other data imported into the ERP in the marketing system, and check the accuracy with the fund system and tax system.

4. Auditing

a) Responsible for leading and cooperating with internal and external audits, other external units and other related data provision.

b) Responsible for monthly and annual business processing such as income tax provision, profit carryover for the year, and surplus reserve provision;

5. Ad-hoc

a) Responsible for the review of personal loans and advance payments and the corresponding accounting treatment;

b) Responsible for the write-off processing of expense receivables and payables;

c) Check the consistency of internal transactions and internal transactions, and issue internal transactions and internal transaction statements.

d) Responsible for the accounting of equity business;

e) Prepare and publish accounting statements.

Job Requirements:

1. Minimum a Bachelor’s Degree with at least 3 years of relevant experience.

2. Good command in multiple languages due to work requirement, candidate should possess at least Level C or above in the DELE test in Spanish.

3. Strong communication skills and highly adaptable to fast-paced environment

4. Team player, self-driven and able to work under pressure with a sense of urgency

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