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Mid night shift - Ice crushing JOB- 11pm to 7am positions open 119709

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35B Fishery Port Road, Singapore 619744, Singapore
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$118 (Daily)

Posted 9 months ago

Work Immediately available Now! Weekly cash advance available. We are an factory in the west looking for 1 to 2 ice packer working hours 11pm to 7am $118per shift, will pay CPF .

Job Description:

ice crushing is a physical demanding job, need to lift ice weighing about 27kg each and bagging crushed ice in bags. There is however plenty of rest time in between this shift. bus route to factory is no 98 only locals , PRs may apply working days you may choose 5 or 6 day week option available contact arthur at or whatsapp for an appointment. Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd. 35b Fishery port road 619744

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