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$3000 to $4000 (Monthly)

Posted 2 years ago

Job Responsibilities:

  • Aligning demands to maximize throughput and customers’ satisfaction levels by determining daily capacity in assigned hall operations by closely monitoring the production shifts’ status of each resource, the type of resource and amount of capacity required for each customer’s order to perform negotiation, moderation and commitment of delivery date such that customers’ satisfaction levels are kept above 80% and project DIFOT of >=95%

  • Control production shift plans with committed delivery dates of Sales Orders, which are grouped and assigned to different machines based on the characteristic of each Sales Order to maximize capacity utilization and throughput in the production process, material yield by assigning and optimizing type of raw materials mix such that planned material yield is about 99% achieved and near 100% for machine utilization

  • Forming internal and external delivery loads and sequencing of deliveries done by maximizing logistics resource utilization by grouping assigned Sales Orders into logical delivery load considering location and weight, providing clear instructions to production in layering the finish productions matching customers’ sequence of usage, assigning sequencing of delivery according to customers’ receiving window and unloading capacity such that working and unloading requirements are met

Educational Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management with 1-year experience in Production/ Logistics Planning

  • Good knowledge in Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing operations

  • Good IT knowledge

  • Knowledge of using Supply Chain software will be an added advantage

  • Minimum 1 year experience in planning and Supply Chain

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NatSteel traces its lineage to 1961, when it was incorporated as National Iron and Steel Mills. A pioneer and key partner in Singapore’s nation building efforts, our products are used in most construction projects island-wide, from the iconic Changi International Airport to the public housing that is the trademark of Singapore’s landscape.

Singapore is home to NatSteel’s headquarters as well as its flagship plant, which boasts one of the largest single downstream rebar fabrication operations in the world. The Singapore plant is the only local steel mill with an integrated upstream and downstream operation, where steel is manufactured through recycling scrap, and fabricated according to customers’ needs.