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$3300 to $6500 (Monthly)

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The personnel works (at Jurong Island plant ) with worldwide dimension (Local IS/IT network) in liaise with e-team .

Any Digital workplace end-user interlocutors (Business, IT, Top management, Middle Management, Operational Teams)

IS/IT Scope:

  • End-user equipment (PC, peripherals, smartphone), Teams video systems,

  • Digital Workplace (O365, collaboration tools, security tools, productivity tools, software, remote access solutions, internet access, file sharing …),

  • Neo Servers , LAN, Telephony, Local applications, Print services (network settings, safe print solutions, individual printers, Non-Neo servers and workstations.

  • He/she is responsible for the IS/IT systems and the deployment of digitals within the organization in accordance with Arkema HSSEQ policies, costs and deadlines.

Infrastructure Service operation

  • Manages user incidents and fulfills user service requests in agreement with business expectations

  • Maintains and administrates the IS/IT scope in agreement with the expectations of the site and with IT security rules

  • Is involved in Cybersecurity management

  • Acts as an ambassador of the cybersecurity : communication of best practices to users

  • Inventories equipment

  • Manages the protection of equipment (PC antivirus update, security patches deployment, follow-up of iPhone updates)

  • Monitors, administrates and supports non-Neo servers and workstations located in plants and in research centers

  • Participates to the Site Audits

  • Internal auditors queries management

  • External auditors queries management

  • License Audit for Local Country Compliance with Vendors Management (as needed)

  • Is involved in the Legal Discovery administration (O365, PC, iPhone, …)

  • Manages Workstation/iPhone Assets (Stock management, Replacement of equipment according to good practices and budget constraints, PC inventories management)

  • Manages Access: Grant authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. The Access Management processes essentially executes policies defined in Information Security Management

  • Services linked to workstations (case when a user moves from one region to another one, or from an affiliate to another one)

  • Remote access

  • Access to the Arkema messaging from a smartphone

  • Printing access from SAP

  • Technical services access: service account, application group, functional mailbox, distribution list, …

Infrastructure projects

  • Identifies solutions, collects iTeam and site costs, coordinates iTeam persons, schedules actions, follows-up of the project , …

  • Participates to the upgrades and the evolutions of the IS/IT solutions

  • Managed centrally (ex: WAN upgrade, M&A, …)

  • On site and technical responsibilities in support of regional IT projects (server updates, Wifi upgrades, Switch Replacements, Application upgrades)

  • On site and technical responsibilities for all Neo2 migration projects (Bostik, XL Brands, Siroflex)

Site relationship

  • Participates to the site business request/needs on management level before launching local initiatives

  • Manages non-conformity points (delays, performance issues, …), some of them leading to a crisis

Purchase requests & AMC management

  • PC, iPhone, and (depending on the region) other IT peripheral devices, headphones, speakers, webcams

  • Process/create PR/WBS/PO/invoicing/goods receive in SAP

  • Participation with Good and Service Purchasing for vendor management and Annual Maintenance Contract management with vendors

  • End user software & hardware lifecycle management and procurement

Knowledge management

  • Discovers, tries, develops knowledge about usage and solutions relative to the digital workplace

  • Writes / publishes / updates / cleans documents

  • Strengthens expertise on some IT tools & services to be a Champion on each of these IT tools & services

User Training & Coaching on Digital Workplace (O365, collaboration tools)

  • Schedules and performs promotion sessions in relationship with the HR

  • Adapts (including translation) communication and training materials

  • Collects user’s feedbacks

  • Forwards remarks and concerns regarding new usages and communication, training materials associated to the concerned team

  • Spends time to adopt new usages as early adopter

Job Requirements

Degree in Information Technology. 5+ years of experience in similar jobs / Diploma with at least 10 years of experience

Soft skills

  • Strong user service focus / excellent communications skills / Usage minded / Presentation animation/ Positive attitude / Professionalism

  • Hard skills

  • Good Interpersonal skills

  • Technical knowledge of workstation and Digital Workplace solutions, mobile devices, Local Network

  • Project management (small size)

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