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$4500 to $8000 (Monthly)

Posted a year ago

We're looking for a Software Engineer that can help us to build products that help small businesses to grow and succeed.

Here's more about the team you'll be joining:

* There are 11 engineers (a mix of junior to senior engineers from a variety of nationalities, backgrounds and job experiences) in the team.

* Our engineers are smart, competent and don't put up with bullshit. They are also positive, love to learn and can communicate well. They care about the product and user experience.

* Scrum is a process we use because it suits our needs. We don't do things for the sake of doing it. Estimates are something we try to spend as little time as possible and we try to solve issues with people instead of processes.

* Engineers work very closely with UX designers to deliver features or improvements. We believe close collaboration with designers is essential to build the right product at the right pace, even if it comes with some communication overheads.

The Ideal candidate for this position:

* You realise that writing code is not an end in itself, instead, it is a means to provide value to our customers. You care about the product you are building, and about the experience that the users have with the product.

* You have great technical skills and have good programming fundamentals.

* You have some experience with our stack which includes frameworks and languages such as React.js, Node.js, Ruby, Rails and JavaScript. We use AWS cloud services heavily (Lambda, ECS, CloudFormation, CloudFront etc).

* You recognize that technical debt is sometimes necessary to take on or to let build up, but are able to advocate for clearing it up in a manner that allows proper prioritization of the technical debt versus other priorities.

* You enjoy working with non-technical people, especially designers. You don't see designers as a necessary evil, rather, you see them as partners that you need to work with to build the right product at the right pace.

* You have a positive attitude, a growth mindset, want to learn as fast as possible and work hard to do all that.

* You are a team player.

* You have excellent communication and people skills. You also value transparency and don't shy away from hard conversations if they are needed.

* You are a good administrator. You recognize that some paperwork is a necessary overhead to maintain a well running team. You commit to achieving what's promised, or you communicate why you can't achieve it.

What you can expect:

* You'll be working with world class engineers. Our engineers will push you to constantly improve together.

* You'll be working closely with designers on a daily basis.

* We work fast, sometimes break things, and expect everyone to take ownership of their roles. We focus on results so there is some flexibility around time and location of work, but that comes with a higher standard of communication and impact.

* You'll be working across the fullstack (front end, back end, devops etc).

* We are a product focused company and the product team is key to our growth. Our products are used by thousands of clients and millions of consumers. You'll play a pivotal role in this.

* There will be plenty of technical challenges as you'll have to work with a product that has some legacy issues, scale and a global customer base.

* We plan to expand. You'll get a chance to witness how a team and company grows

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Hi! We're looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join our product team at ReferralCandy.


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