Customer Service

General Requirements

  • Fluent in English and whichever language required by the company
  • Customer-oriented
  • Good communication skills

A good customer service staff

  • Persuasive speaking skills
  • Good sense of empathy
  • Effective listening skills

Articles to read

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What Customers Want And Don’t Want

Customers want a good experience. A big part of that is exceptional customer service. Don’t confuse the two. The experience is everything from navigating a website, to how easy (or difficult) it is to reach a salesperson, to the way a product is packaged (think about how cool iPhone or iPad packaging is), to the availability of parking spaces, to how friendly the employees are, and beyond. It includes everything.

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5 ways to deliver excellent customer service(with examples)

There’s a lot of negative press coverage for companies that deliver poor customer service.If you want to stand out, you need to rethink how you treat your customers.The number one reason why a customer leaves is because they feel like you don’t care about them. But, how can you show them that you care? It’s simple. Provide excellent customer service.

Videos to watch

How to give great customer service: The L.A.S.T. method

Length: 10min

Poor vs Great Customer Service

Length: 2min

What is customer service? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service

Length: 12min

Courses to enroll in

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Respond to Service Challenges

Respond to Service Challenges covers the skills and knowledge required for service staff to respond to challenging service situations with the use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. It involves recognising triggers which may lead to service challenges, use of service recovery procedures to respond to the challenges, and escalating unresolved service challenges.

Fee: $83.70
Duration: 2 days

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WSQ Implement Operations for Service Excellence

Implement Operations for Service Excellence covers knowledge and application skills in the delivery of service excellence by utilising organisational service operations resources. It involves the use of effective teamwork to perform service operations in accordance with organisation’s guidelines and escalating service performance issues.

Fee: $83.70
Duration: 2 days

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