Production Operator

General Requirements

  • Physically fit
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player

A good production operator staff

  • Technical experience with machinery
  • Decision making skills
  • Patient and alert personality

Articles to read

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Complete Guide To Becoming a Production Operator

A production operator is in charge of an assembly line and machines that execute particular tasks in a factory. They ensure their employers achieve product line targets. The job entails handling raw materials, including metal and plastic, and performing repetitive duties as well as high concentration levels and physical stamina.

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The General Job Responsibilities of a Production Operator

Whether they make luxury cars, computers or clothes, factories rely on machines to help make goods from raw materials. Production operators ensure the factory's equipment functions efficiently and that all procedures work correctly.

Videos to watch

Production Operator Interview Questions

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Production Operator Duties & Responsibilities

Length: 3min

A Career as a Production Worker - Bottling Industry

Length: 8min

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